Elite Dangerous



This is my all time travel (hyperjump) map. I have 758 total jumps so far. As you can see, I am way beyond anything I’ve done before. My previous furthest excursion (towards the bottom right) was my expedition to the biggest known star in the galaxy, VY Canis Majoris.


Quantam World is a much larger detour than this map would suggest. I still recommend giving it a visit though.

There were reports of some commanders accidentally boosting their SRVs into orbit.


Cool, I’ll see if I can visit it. I hate being behind now and having to catch up and thus missing the views. I still have like 38 jumps left to get to Anchorage.


About halfway through.


I made it to Rohini (Anchorage) last night. I think I’m going to fly straight to the Rusty Net Nebula instead of going to WP3 first.
I was thinking of going to Quantum World first, but I see it is quite out of the way because it is much lower on the galactic plane.


I’m back at the plantery port midway to WP after much messing about at the Collection of Wonders and the guardian ruins.

I also cracked the nod and received an invite to the Fleetcomm PG. It will be pretty cool to see other commanders for a change.



I made some progress last night, got all the way to the Rust Nebula (?).
So not too much further to go I guess. I took my SRV off my ship before I started, should maybe put one on again.


I’m not sure how much adding it back in would affect your build. I’m having lots of fun messing about in the SRV though. I find its a nice change from the usual honk, scoop, scan, jump, repeat cycle I find myself in.


Yeah i also don’t have one because of weight issues but they look so fun and after seeing your pictures I’ll add it next time im near a station that stocks it


Arrived at WP4. Its nice to see some other commanders


That’s cool. I’d like to try to reach wp4 before everyone has left already.


I had no idea there were stations that far out.


I have also arrived at WP4. There is not a single other ship here right now, so that is kind of weird.

Took advantage of a neutron star xD


Thats a spacious looking cockpit you have there


Haha yeah it is massive! There is an extra seat either side of my seat, and quite some distance away. The Anaconda is a really big ship.


Some expedition stats courtesy of EDSM.net:


That’s cool. So many jumps


Managed to meet up with a bunch of players for the launch of wp5. Some fancy ships out there.


The star of the next leg has been somewhat uneventful