Elite Dangerous



I’m going to try complete this expedition. A noob with 1000 credits and an apparent loaner Sidewinder.

Will I make it? Probably not. I’m going adventuring


I don’t see why not. You can at least have a go. There are a few sidewinders out there.

Here’s all


Indeed! I had a look through that last night. So at the very least I’m not the only one. It shouldnt be too difficult to build up a better spec exploration ship before heading beyond civilisation. I hope.

I’m quite curious as to how accessible this game actually is for new players. It seems very intimidating. The very brief research I conducted didn’t say how experienced a player needs to be to jump into this expedition.

Mostly though, it sounds like an epic journey and I want in.


I’m not experienced at all and yes it sounds daunting, but I can say I’ve learnt so much in the last couple of days by joining in, I’m glad I did. It has given me a new appreciation for the game.
Previously I would just run the deliveries and commodities markets to make money but not actually do any exploring.


I only found this out recently that if you set your route, then filter it by scoopable stars, then set it to apply it to your route you will always land on a scoopable star.

Then you only see scoopables


Using the teachings of the guys on here, this loadout on a stock sidewinder retrofitted will get you to a minimum 11.62LY jump distance (from 7.25) without spending a cent. You won’t have guns though so don’t get into a fight. Then you can keep your 1000 credits :slight_smile:


Awesome thank you! That, and the scoopable star route info is going to be very useful


You have to approach it from the right angle. It’s the neutron star that throws you around.

FYI, if you fly through the plume of a neutron star (safe distance from center required) it will supercharge your FSD and you can jump really far.


Good luck, it’s going to be a struggle. You’ll need 187k to fully kit out the Sidewinder for exploration, and even then the jump range will only be 22.9 LY.
I don’t know if that will be enough. Initially yes it will be, but once we get closer to the other side of the galaxy, stars are quite further apart.

The Sidewinders that joined the expedition probably have fully engineered FSD’s (which extend the jump range to 36.1 LY). If you also put a Guardian Frame Shift Driver Booster on there, the jump range goes up to 40.8 LY.


Another thing you guys just need to think about on this epic quest, the minimum jump to Beagle Point at the end of the journey is at a minimum of 34 ly. So you need to have a ship at least with that range, or get Jumponium for that last jump to the end.


Beagle Point is where the ‘Outbound’ journey will end and ‘The Voyage Home’ stage begins. To reach this star system you will need a ship that can jump a minimum of 33.4 LYs. Commanders thinking of taking short-range ships, please make sure your ship has a range of at least 16.8 LYs as a Jumponium level 3 fuel boost will then make Beagle Point attainable.


It wouldnt be as fun if it was going to be an easy trip.

I will be spending a short while in the general starting area gearing up a bit before I head out properly. All the advice is certainly appreciated!


Yeah of course you can do it anyway you like :slight_smile:

Just be prepared for extended traveling times, especially with the shorter jump range. I have a 55 LY jump range and it took me quite some time, so with a jump range of 16 or 18 LY it will essentially take you 3 times as long, so it is important to know what you’re getting into, that’s all.

Let me know if you need help at all. If I was closer to you I could help out with materials or some creds.


How difficult/expensive would it be to upgrade a ship capable of a 34 LY jump?


Couple and routes you can go to do this:

  • Get a Diamondback Explorer - The stock ship has the highest jump range, and is possible to grind mining or missions to get the credits rather quickly (± 4 hours of gameplay) to pay for the setup and the ship. You need about 12 million credits to get a fully exploration stocked Diamondback.
  • Engineering - Longer process, as you have to unlock the Engineers. Felicity Farseer is the easiest to unlock and does FSD upgrades. You need to jump more than 1000LY to unlock her, or when you gain the Scout explorer rank. You then need materials to unlock her upgrades, and then materials for the blueprints itself. The material farming takes about 6 hours to get decent amounts and be able to upgrade to over level 3 FSD.
  • Jumponium - very risky but quickest. By flying in the tail end of a neutron star, you gather Jumponium and will boost the FSD almost 3 times it’s normal range. But flying into it incorrectly will cause massive damage to your ship.


I actually really enjoyed flying the Diamondback, maybe more so than an Asp. I just found it so much more maneuverable and agile. Really fun ship to play with.


Sounds like I might go mining this weekend!


There you go

Void Opal and Low Temperature Diamond Mining is stupidly lucrative. Can easily do 5-10 million an hour depending on your ship and how much space you have.



I’m currently parked up at a station in the Changtini system. My map states there is still 48 jumps to go to get to Pallaeni and it didn’t even seem too far away from where the game started.

The scope of this expedition is massive. Just getting to the start feels like an expedition in itself.

I’m earning some cash from exploration data, and ranked up to Mostly Aimless