Elite Dangerous



Made it to The View, and what a view. It’s a neutron star of all things.

Haven’t looked how far the next stretch is but it looks very far. Maybe I don’t want to look.


You using any reshade fx or anything?


I don’t know what that is :slightly_smiling_face: If you mean the images, they just Playstation screenshots.


Sorry, I thought you were playing on PC.

Images look amazing! Please keep us updated on journey @Entity :slight_smile:


Interesting. I’ll see if I can join as well. I just had a look, I have a 56 LY Anaconda, so that should help a lot.

If you want a cheap ship that jumps quite well, have a look at the Hauler. Otherwise if you can afford it, it is just a bit more expensive than the Dolphin, is the Diamondback Explorer. It can do 37 LY jumps with no engineering.

Use https://coriolis.io/ to test builds.


Cool. I’ll have a look. I have about 10 mill. I also use eddb.io for trading tracking.

Edit: I also don’t think I’m gonna get to the waypoint in time, but I’ll catch up seeing that I started late.


So I’ve built up my Diamondback like this https://s.orbis.zone/1v8c on coriolis. What do you think? Did I forget something?


I would’ve added 3 additional units to that build:

  • Detailed Surface Scanner - with that you’ll be able to scan planets and rings and get a metric tonne of credits when selling the exploration data. Surface scanning planets can net more than 1 million per planet, and on a trip like Distant World 2 you’re bound to find and see incredible planets.
  • Auto field-maintenance unit - A trip like DW2 will inevitably see you get damage, either from dropping too close to stars, getting caught out by high gravity when landing on planets and many more. Damage is almost inevitable, and it’s best to have it at hand to do running repairs to vital ship components.
  • Shield Generator - For a long trip like that it’s almost a must to have shields. Without them it leave you very vulnerable to taking hull damage, and seeing as you don’t have the maintenance unit either, that’s bad news.


I agree with Hammer on points 1 and 3. 2 is debatable I guess, since you can always go the neatest station for repairs if you mess up.

Changes to your build.
3D life support instead of 3E
3D sensors instead of 3E
3D power distributor instead of 2A
3D shield instead of nothing, unfortunately you can’t do class 2 shields
2A Power Plant instead of 2D, since power requirement has gone up due to shields.
And yes, take a DSS with for sweet monies.

Your Unladen jump range goes up slightly from 37.38 to 37.86 due to the changes.


Problem is, on DW2 there will be thousands of light years where there is no stations at all. Outside the bubble actual stations are very rare. You’re on your own in the deep darkness of space. So I would say the AFMU is vital to survival.


Oky cool, didn’t know. Does it have a limited number of charges or how does it work?


Yes unfortunately it does. But if you bring enough iron and other materials you can synthesize refills for the unit. Which is why all the ED forums have been filled with people telling everyone to BRING ALL THE IRON


Also, keep the Fuel Rats and Hull Seals on speed dial. A whole team of fuel rats and hull seals joined the DW2 journey to provide assistance to anyone.


If I was retired then I would have been playing so much Elite right about now.


So I started the journey and got up to Shapley 1 (or more correctly Fine Ring Sector JH-V C2-4, from which Shapley 1 looks like this). So about 500 LY down, 5000 LY more to go up to the second waypoint. I better get moving.


Yep. I also got to the view (and beyond). There’s also a very small black hole very close to the neutron star (I got as close as I could and it barely distorted the surroundings)

The black hole is pretty much right in front of the neutron star’s center here.

Just a pretty picture.


Some more interesting/nice views along the way.

Cycladia (Earth-like planet with rotating rings)

Labirinto (moon with very deep canyons all over, with most several kilomteres deep)

Cinnabar Moth Nebula

Aaand then I finally made it to Waypoint 2, and promptly got murdered by a Wing of dicktards. So that was a very shitty ending to my long journey. I also lost all my exploration data when my ship got destroyed. Fantastic. 9m credits later and I have a new Anaconda.


That’s cool. Awesome shots too.
I had to skip the sights just to make it to the end before tomorrow, but I just just made it. What a journey! I rushed it this time because of starting late and other things but the next leg I’m going to take my time. Expect lots of screenshots :grinning:

My home for the night.

Could see this on the way in

Never been so happy to see a rock

Ahhhh. Industrial hospitality.

Till tomorrow


I’m not sure if it’s the neutron star that messes with your ship or if it’s the black hole. I saw there was a tourist point very close to the middle of the star but the closer i got the more my ship got thrown around so much so that i couldn’t make it. I didn’t know there’s a black hole there.


I love this things animation