Elite Dangerous



go visit Beatlguese if you haven’t already. I believe it is in the bubble, otherwise, go see the black hole in the Maia system.


ja that’s an easy one to get to. one of my tourist routes took me there the other day


This is one of those games I really wanted to get into but during the little bit of time I put into it, it just didn’t grab me. I usually love these types of games.


I really disliked in the beginning. Then I suddenly loved it.


What platform do you guys all play on?


I’m on PC and I know Soli is on PC as well. Hammer has it on his Xbox.


Indeed I am on Xbox. And luckily on the X the game is much more playable and much more enjoyable and pretty.


I bought my Python last night. It’s almost fully upgraded except for a couple of items that I couldn’t get hold of at the stations I visited.

With the amount of weapons I added it’s quite heavy and the jump range isn’t great. Will definitely have to look into engineering to get that jump range up.


Taking a break from No Man’s Sky for a bit and feel like a bit of Elite Dangerous.
Busy letting it download currently. I also bought the Horizons Season Pass which should allow me to land on planets, so keen for that.
It’s going to take me a while to get back into how everything works.


Enjoy @Entity!

I haven’t played in a while and actually uninstalled it when I needed space for Battlefield V.


So been playing a bit. I do find it a bit smoother than No Man’s Sky and even visually it’s much better to look at.

So there were some updates since I’ve played last. If you do cargo delivery missions the cargo isn’t automatically loaded onto your ship so stupid me accepts the mission and flies across multiple systems only to find on the other side I have no cargo aboard :man_facepalming:


With the recent resurgence of interest in Elite: Dangerous amongst Mewbs, thought I’d do the same and reinstall to check out the new content. Noticed that it presently has a pretty steep 76% discount running through to December 20th which is when the Steam Winter Sale starts.

I’m not certain if that’s an indication that it won’t be discounted for the Sale, but at R100-odd for the Standard game and R200-odd for the Commander Deluxe Edition, if you’re thinking about it, now would be a pretty good time to pop it into your shopping cart.


That’s quite good


This game still remains a love child of mine.


With the article just out about distant worlds 2 I thought I’d post here regarding it. I’m still trying to see how it all works and how to join. So far I’ve found this thread and seeing from there. I’ll update the info if I find anything. I’m keen to do this.


I thought the expedition kicked off yesterday?

I think the next way point is towards the weekend, or is on the weekend.


I should’ve prepared more, but I would’ve loved to do the trip as well. At the moment I am many light years away from the bubble, and my current explorer ship isn’t setup for such long distances yet. The top only has 32 ly jump unladen, and that last jumps to Beagle you need more than 34 ly jump to make it.

But it’s such a cool trip.



That’s the signup I’ve found so far. Need my ship details first. Let’s see if I can get signed up.


I managed to sign up. So many people are signing up so not sure how long it will take for my name to show in the schedule but I’ve started already anyway.

First leg:

It took me 1 hour to get to shapley 1 with 37 jumps. Next step is only 20 jumps but have until Friday to finish the whole tour.

I have a 27 jump dolphin so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the whole 8 month distance but it’s fun so far. If I get stuck then I get stuck.

The start

First waypoint Shapley 1 the fine ring nebula. Looks quite cool


Fly safe commander. You are in for one hell of a trip.