Elite Dangerous



But do the trading missions count as general trading activities?

I think it may be live for us this evening. Can’t remember which timezone it uses. Will log in tonight in any case. By the end of this weekend I want my Python.


It looks like started!

I see people complaining about having misunderstood the whole Engineers thing.


Also it looks like it includes missions and surprisingly, passenger and exploration bonuses too!


The lore behind the bonus weekend is:

A galaxy-wide suspension of revenue tax has been announced. All three superpowers are supporting the freeze, which will see profit margins for everyday commodities increase.

The temporary alleviation will allow fiscal authorities to complete a much-needed evaluation of galactic taxation.

The news is expected to be warmly received by traders, who will earn more for their goods for the duration of the moratorium.

The galaxy’s independent engineers, who constitute a vital part of the galactic economy, have agreed to support the freeze by offering their designs in exchange for more readily available materials.

The tax suspension will run from the 24th to the 30th of May 3304.


Can’t wait to buy my Python. I can buy one now but don’t have enough credits to upgrade it properly.


Currently downloading. Had it way back on the Xbox but then I got rid of the Xbox before I could really try it.


I couldn’t see the trading bonuses working at all last night. It was disappointing.


Atleast you got those presents from the anonymous guy to make up for the disappointment :slight_smile:

In other news, I forgot how much the Python costs and how little I have. I’m on 8mil, it costs 56mil. Not sure yet what my plan of action will be to get monies


Oh noes, I didn’t get any notification about them presents!

I’m currently at about 104 million credits. Want to get to 150 million before buying the Python.


Thanks @Blazzok! That’s really awesome of you. :grin:

He got me some paint jobs and things for a Python! Will look properly tonight and take a screenshot once I get the Python.


Didn’t get too much time to play this weekend. Am a little bit closer to that Python though!

Did any of you play over the weekend?


Ja ek was blond


Lol, wrong thread me thinks.


Tell us more about your adventures in Elite Dangerous and not Deus Ex Mankind Divided…


Elite Dangerous = Wyvz Puking so no elite for me :frowning:


I haven’t been to that system yet. Will venture outside the bubble one day.


Wait…you haven’t been outside the bubble yet?


I flew straight to my home system and have been staying in the surrounding area since starting the game. :grin:


I picked a home system that’s about 100 ly away from the edge of the bubble, and have ventured out to undiscovered locations for exploration. Can find some easy money in exploration outside the bubble.


I’m almost ranked Elite with trading. Will then venture into the unknown.