Enabling new forum features after upgrade to Discourse 2.7.0beta5

Continuing the discussion from Most Epic forum upgrade — #threadkiller will automatically create a new topic on auto-close (also improved invites):

There are a bunch of new features from the most recent mega-upgrade that require admin intervention to activate. Here’s the first:

I’ve changed the setting and this seems to now be working. More details here: Automatic Dark Mode color scheme switching - announcements - Discourse Meta

You should now be able to enable the automatic switching between the the default and dark mode colour scheme in your profile preferences.

It looks like this:


Thank you, this is amazing! And here I thought the automatic option of dark mode was to difficult to implement.


It’s not difficult anymore, if I recall correctly (I did it for some static site generator template a few months ago).

For the forum it was a little tricky because I had to do some tweaking to get our dark and light themes working side-by-side together with the small tweaks I made in the #gaming category in the beginning.

Once I figured out what was causing the CSS bug, though, it was easy enough to fix.

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Something off with this thread, why do I get this background?


Sorry, off topic I know.


Like this…?

I see it too. Seems on mobile the Discourse image, which lives in the left margin on the desktop, doesn’t play nicely. It’s fixed to the top of the page, so should only be obscuring the first post or two, but yeah, it’s big ugly. @SIGSTART may know what causing it - I’m guessing another small issue with the recent update.


I know exactly what’s causing it :frowning:.

Auto colour/light mode switching nuked the workaround I had in place to fix this issue. For now I’ll just remove Bob* (I can’t remember what @DieGrootHammer named him all those years ago) until I can figure out how to put custom CSS in the theme that loads based on your system theme.


Not sure why my post didn’t include the image I upoaded. I see it did make affordance for it but it’s just… missing. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the clarrification @SIGSTART


I don’t see Bob at all while I’m on my phone