Epic Games Store Launches Epic Rewards

Coinciding with the start of this year’s Epic Games MEGA Sale, the EGS is launching a new rewards program today.

Artfully called “Epic Rewards”, the program is a new way to earn 5% back in Rewards on every eligible purchase you make on the Epic Games Store, starting today.

The new Epic Rewards program is always on, free to join, and requires no sign-up. All Epic Games account holders will automatically be enrolled in the Epic Rewards program, so all you have to do is buy any games, apps, add-ons, or virtual currency on the Epic Games Store. You’ll automatically earn 5% back in Epic Rewards, which will be added to your Rewards Balance two weeks (14 days) after completing your purchase.

Once you receive your Epic Rewards, you can then apply them at checkout to get a discount off future eligible purchases or keep them banked for later. Epic Rewards can also be combined with other discounts and coupons for even better deals. There is no indication though if there’s any sort of maximum Reward value that you can apply to a purchase. On the surface it seems that if you have enough reward points stored, you could purchase a new game using only Epic Rewards.

It is worth keeping in mind though that Epic Rewards do eventually expire eventually 25 months from the date they were added to your Rewards Balance.

This probably means that the classic Epic Coupon system of the before times is now a thing of history. Actually, it’s not!

Can you see yourself spending enough on the EGS to actually earn enough Epic Rewards points to make a difference? Even over a two year period?


This is awesome! Finally someone takes cue from Nintendo. I have bought quite a few indie games with my Nintendo gold points. I think it works exactly the same (5% back) except Nintendo points expire after 12 months if I’m not wrong.