Epic Win Vaping Thread

I worked out how to make a thread.

How many of you guys and gals Vape?
What mods you running?

My two favorite mods at the moment are my Athena squonk and VooPoo.

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Ive been vaping for 2 years, currently using my Minikin V2 and a oh so pretty Kylin v2 tank and a dead rabbit dripper :smiley:
DIY juice and some panama and gringo and Moooooooooooooondrops on Ice :smiley:

I started vaping in April this year to try and stop smoking ciggies and it worked. I haven’t touched a cigarette since. The wife also took up vaping now.

My main mod is a Teslacigs Nano 120 (Copper Steampunk design) with an Aspire Nautilus 2 tank. Nice setup and I love the small drip tip on the nauti.
I have an Eleaf iJust 2 which I use when I am at the PC. I also have a Twisp Nimbus Orange tank as well as a Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast which is waaaay too big for the Nano.
The missus has a Twisp Vega.

As for juice, I like Lime Party and Berrynade (both from https://www.mmmixes.co.za/). Also like Iron Bru, Gummiberry and Red Energy (redbull flavour) from Vape King.

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Been Vaping for about 5 years now. Started on a twisp (spit) and eventually moved my way up. At the moment i use the Kylin v2 (brilliant little tank) and a cheapie koas spectrum mod. Recently discovered Krispeez from nostalgia. Oh my god i cannot get enough of it.

What are your juices and flavours of choice?

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Ok in no particular order:

Panama - Panama brings together Pineapple and Watermelon on a plate of fruits with a canal of ice to refresh you on your exotic journey.

Prickly Pears carefully picked and skinned then cut and mixed in with ripe and juicy Fig’s to create a succulent Mariachi band song of flavours. We then topped it with our signature Ice to bring back some kick and to cool you down in the Mexican desert heat. Visit Mexico and be a Gringo for the day.

A very majestic flavour. Fresh Sliced mango and luscious litchi. A true tropic moonlight experience that leaves a fruity, refreshing taste. Now with a few added ingredients splashed on ice! (be warned this one gives you brain freeze )

Pink Milk – The Original Strawberry Milk, same taste but more flavorful.
Sweet Strawberries Blended in a Refreshing Glass of Milk. (the description fails - it is as close to pink nesquik out of the tin - the stuff of dreams eating a teaspoonful at a time)

I am glad to see other people still vape mikes juices - I started on his stuff.

shit, not kripeez, frosteez. I just want to drink that shit out of the bottle.

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Where do you guys buy your gear and your juices? I buy my gear mostly from VapeKing and my juices from Mike (see above) and VapeKing as well.

I am not a big fan of vapeking. They burned me twice and since then I never went back. But that is obvious a personal thing. I mostly buy from juicyjoes since it’s just around the corner from me. When it comes to online shops, I highly recommend you checkout sirvape and vapecartel.

Everyone does next day delivery if you order early enough, so it’s really personal choice who you chose to support.


I’ll be sure the check them out, thanks.

Dude there are a lot of decent places, much better than vape King. I second and third juicyjoes.co.za

Then there is Sir vape, vape Cartel, jj’s emporium and lung candy.

Yeah juicies really is the shit.

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I do my online orders from Jucies, I just have to plan a month ahead.
This last month I ran short of juice and went to two PMB vape shops. One shop the guy didnt give a crap and was on whatsapp and the other shop the guy was rad, showed an interest, wicked my Goon with his cotton and I ended up getting some Gringo from him. His hardware was a lot more expensive. Juicies is awesome to deal with. Recently chatted to the manager and he said I could buy things during the month and when I am ready pay shipping and have it sent to me.
My biggest problem ordering online was stock availability and this has sorted that problem out.
I have had to start DIY as I am flying through juice lately.
A guy in my area used to buy from Vape Cartel. He had no problems. I ended up buying all his unused stuff at a steal!

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Borrowing my brother’s minikin v1.5 just because it matches my Twisted Tip and rainbow Kylin so well.

And @Talentloos i assume you go to the Tableview branch? We need to organise a meetup some time :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I normally go there since its like 5 minutes away.

like me and the Kenridge shop, I live there go visit for lunch

If you havent yet - get an easy dripper - omg that makes life so much easier!

I have also found the strawberry cupcake from e juice co, as my first desert vape in over a year.

And for pretty pretty tips, Twisted tips - hand made in SA. Well worth it.

Ok mine isn’t as pretty as that

haha what do you have?

I am not showing the nicks and scratches on the mod - the tank and tips are what makes it pretty

Smok Alien mod with a vgod trick tank and the drip tip from my old baby beast tank which fell to it’s death

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