Epic Win Vaping Thread


Hey Im just glad to see another vaper :smiley:
Also http://juicyjoes.co.za/?product_cat=twisted-tips

Go take a look - maybe you can get a fancy ass tip :smiley: that will fit the tank because that thing is HUGE


My piece of shit mod broke at up the creek. It’s wasnt my drunk fault I swear. If anybody is looking at buying a chaos spectrum, just don’t. 6months, 4 mods. Luckily juicies was cool about it and replaced them every time. But i refused the lastest replacement and bought a drag instead. Loving it so far and it feels like something that will survive me.

Also got a goon clone for secret Santa at the office. Man what a little beast that is. Will be buying a real goon soon.


The only thing with the drag is the paint comes off easily and its bloody uncomfortable to hold for me- aka tiny hands :smiley:

But those rainbows are pretty!


yeah luckily i dont care how it looks as long as it works. And yes it is a bulky beast. I like that. Big hands… and the drag is cheapish.


If it was a little less square and smaller, trust me I would own one as well, they just dont fit my hands. My brother got his, the day they launched and he loves it - not one day of issues so far.


It’s not huge, it’s cloudy


I have found my next mod!


It looks good. To be honest I cannot be bothered with new mods anymore. It costs too much. So here is hoping the DRAG survives a few years. Tanks on the other hand, those I swop out at an alarming rate. I just wish I can find that one that doesn’t fucking leak. But it seems like that is way too difficult.


yea they all leak, I have had my minikin over a year now, Im just starting to look at what else is out there - most mods are too big, so that is why I am excited to see the new asmo - since I am an asmo girl!


yeah I really wanted a minikin back in the day.


My brother still has his minikin v1.5, my v2 had a minor issue but that was fixed. I love my minikin, its the best mod ever. I am hoping to get the lustro - I will wait for a bit, cos the colours are not exactly what I want. I am looking for one that will go well with rainbow and stainless - so either pure black or maybe the raw.




The guy who fixes this will make a fortune


hehe yea that will be amazing

I am waiting on some awesome stainless steel alien coils - I cant use any other wire - allergic to it


That sounds interesting, I’ve been curious about stainless steel coils


the biggest issue is they build to a very low resistance, so your mod needs to be able to cope with that. Apparently the Ni80 is the best - they last a long time if you just clean them every rewick.

the Stainless is amazing for fruity flavours, decent on desert flavours. But the coil itself degrades very fast.



These Douche Flute threads follow me everywhere on every single forum. No Guys!


I am gonna ask that the people who dont like vaping to stay out of this thread please - this will be a one and only warning.

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