Epic Win Vaping Thread


Was more of a joke :stuck_out_tongue: You should know me by now.

And as for those articles you posted.
I do not smoke, so posting something that is less harmful than something else is irrelevant to me. Vaping have not really been around long enough for any kind of long term research


Hehe im sorry. lack of sleep :stuck_out_tongue:
A lot of the research we are getting now is on 5 year studies, so yes very long term we dont know yet, but in general, I know I am healthier for vaping and not smoking anymore. I also am on less nicotine these days as well. And I vape a lot less than what I was smoking and even vaping is more for social and at night.


So I bought a goon. Holy shit. This thing is next level. I feel a little guilty about the price, but fuck it. Happy belated birthday to myself.


Im slow to respond, The goon is nice, I prefer the restricted airflow of the rabbit more.

Vape Fest!


Yeah I keep the airflow fairly closed. About halfway between open and closed.


Yea see that is on par with the rabbit when you have it like that.


Juicy haul


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, panama and gringo.
how does the EZ dripper work?


Like a dream especially when dirivng - it just makes dripping easier and less messy


I also want one of those EZ drippers


I love it, and i dont drip often, but its even great for refilling my tanks


yeah I have moved over to dripping completely. So i just use the goon at the moment. My juice consumption though :sob::sob::sob:


LOL well you can get the 30ml eezy dripper loose without the kit for the car at JJs for 180


I traded for a Gbox. thing is massive, but its a regulated squonker. Itโ€™s the perfect blend between my mechs and a dripper.
I love the mechs for raw power, but now all I do is crank it up a touch


I am looking for one at the moment. But they are so expensive. But I think this goon with a squonker will be amazing. I had the old dripbox 160 from kangertech, but I canโ€™t seem to find it anywhere.


saw one on face book for R800 today. mine came with a dead rabbit which I love. have three DRโ€™s. Well one is sitting at customs


what coils are you using? My goon gets hot and battling with flavour. Please, when you get a chance can you send a pic of it wicked.


I am using demon killer alien wire. Itโ€™s a flat wound which I just like more than normal round ones.

I use 5ish wraps on each side. About .22ohm and vaping that at 5.5V which is around 125W


Sorry coils are a bit dirty already. Planning on rewicking this afternoon. So will send a better picture then.


I am so close to getting the Lustro - I am just waiting another month.