Epic Win Vaping Thread


Cape Vape Fest this weekend - gonna go, show my face and leave my wallet in the car.


Very smart move. Last year I lost at Vape Fest


Hahahaha I have no monies, and I struggle to deal with the crowds so its just to go show face and run - dragging my brother along


Arme Arno.


hahaha yep. Oh well tuffies If I have to go he has too


I will also go and see whats up. I enjoyed last year. Bought way too much shit tho.


Hahaha Im lucky that I am actually broke - so no spending, it also helps that I am so fussy with flavours that there wont be anything that I want :stuck_out_tongue:


Ja maar sien ek is nie broke nie. En ek soek n nuwe rda. so maybe moet ek maar net wegbly.


Bwahahaha watter een soek jy?

Ek soek my Lustro - met 'n seer hart, so as ek lucky is en een sien vir goeie prys sal ek dit gryp ma andersins gaan ek myself gedra


Ek wil n single coil opsie try. kyk of ek met minder juice kan wegkom. Eks op die oomblik op so 100ml n week en die beursie wil dit nie meer ondersteun nie.


Dis why ek diy en my Kylin bou ek single coil en selfs my dead rabbit is single coil. Ek hoor goeie goed van die wasp


current mix I am vaping


Fuck Wyv, i got to juicies the other day to stock up but nothing i wanted was in stock. A buddy at work gave me a mix he made which was like a SNVL clone but with a little ice thrown in there. Looking at your mix i would say something similar to that. So i see the VM Ice and i think it would be similar. Fucking nope. That shit is just menthol. I almost threw up form the first hit. Now im sitting with a 100ml bottle of this useless shit.


Grab some consentrates and chuck it into vm ice - next time ask first - i can tell you what to try and what to avoid :stuck_out_tongue: VM Ice is just mint you needed XXX


This one is my other favourite altho we used strawberry ripe and menthol and koolada - not a fan of the black ice anymore also we dont add super sweet to anything other wise you get american juices - aka just sweetner


this the super secret @Wyvern and Brother mix?


hahaha nope this one is Gert’s fruity mix


the subject of Oom Gerts fruits is back I see


we made a few minor changes as you saw :stuck_out_tongue:
It is very similar to our -his just works


Sorry guys didn’t take my phone out at vape fest, was way to busy. Presales of door tickets before the day was 4000.

On the day numbers needs to be released.

But a nice video of the layout and stalls.

It was fun, packed with people.
Let down was the ccict catering again. Over priced se moer. I luckily brought plenty of water from home.

I was behaving, just bought juice from twisp for my mums cue and the e-liquid Co’s blueberry muffin as well as both the new five points flavours. Scored a freebie cap from five points. The new ones there is smoothy frosted and white chewwy.

I didn’t taste that much new flavours cos the one thing I found no matter where we tried the latest craze is to make juice so sweet you go into diabetic shock.

And as we where leaving this rumour was heard. Vgod mechs for R600 at one stand. So we had to go take a look.

And I found that was true…

But luckily I so don’t trust myself with a mech mod, but then something caught my eye.

A ferrari red asmodus lustro.
I had to just look, touch hold it. Immediately fell in love, but they only had 3 colours the red, green and yellow on display. None that I would want.

Asked and they found a matt black aka the rubberised black one at the back of a cupboard. R1000 for the mod and 2 batteries… I had to do it…