Epic Win Vaping Thread


This is why I can’t attend a vape con, i’d end up buying stuff I don’t need. Thankfully I don’t think there is one here in Jhb.


Beahaha dude the biggest one is being held there :stuck_out_tongue: Called Vape Con - 2 days this year. . . .


You just had to mention that, looks like I need to save a slush fund for August.


Dude I am just glad that is held up in jhb so I cannot attend!


Technically it’s in Pretoria, but close enough


Hahah see for me its a case of same dog different tree - aka to far and expensive to attend :stuck_out_tongue:

The Cape Festival might be tiny in comparison but I prefer it.


Should be getting a Bolt squonker this week :nut_and_bolt:


You are weak @Wyvern you should have resisted. Didn’t have time to make it to vape fest. But bought a wasp nano today. Must say so far I’m impressed. Flavour is there for a single coil. Just wished it hit a little harder in the throat. But its something i will get used to and should make the juice consumption go down a little bit.


Why was I weak?!?!?!? i have been eyeing the Lustro for months :stuck_out_tongue:



oooooooooooooooooooooh, looks yummy


Hehehe it is very yummy


@Wyvern you are pretty clued up about the vaping world shit. Any decent regulated squonks at the moment? I seem to just find unregulated and I’m not about that life.


@Wyvern is super clued up. she got me into vaping.

I have a Gbox regulated squonker. It’s big, but has 2 batteries. Enjoying it over my mechs lately apart from its size.
I like a good kick when I inhale, so the extra wattage helps out a lot


Yeah i have one of those somewhere. But cannot find the fucker. when i bought it i had a shitty bottom fed rda. So i didnt like it and back then i didnt really like rda’s. But now its all i use and i am itching to put them on a squonk.


I have a dead rabbit on mine and love it.
I just find the squonk bottle kak


I hear good things about the dead rabbit. Will buy that one next. At the moment i have a authentic goon which is a beast and bought the wasp nano yesterday. which i also like. But the dripping gets tedious. Especially with the nano. Juice well is tiny. so 5-7 hits and i need to top up again


I have the goon 1.5 which just gets a bit hot for me. I bought a nano a while back, some stainless coils and its very good.
However I do prefer my rabbits


Yeah also have the 1.5. I fucking love it. Vaping it at about 0.2 ohm and aroud 120watts


I actually dont know much about the regulated squonker - but I can ask the group and get back to you. The rabbit will always be my fav - it just works, and i like the restricted airflow on it.