Epic Win Vaping Thread


Yeah can probably just post in the Cabal. Should get an answer there.


Is that still active?

Do you wanna be part of the Jay Jays group?


Who is Jay Jay and why does he have his own group?


Juicy Joes have a big 80% active group - very helpful


he’s where the cool kids hang :wink:


Yes please.


Request sent you should be added soon
rules are working hours we behave, after hours the nsfw comes out
no advertising other vendors unless jjs doesnt stock the item
and to mute the notifications and turn of auto downloads


Thanks Angie


Most importantly, turn auto download off and Mute the group
They such good people though



@Wyvern, @Talentloos wins the trophy. I’m still hosing at the “how dare you suggest that” comment!


No body has posted anything in a while so this is my set up
Smok Alien mod with a Vgod RDTA trick tank

FYI, i can’t do any tricks so don’t ask, I just love the build space and flavor.


dude the only trick I can do is vape bubbles! I have given up on trying to learn tricks.

Nice setup tho :smiley: what flavours are you loving currently


Currently Apex which tastes like speckled eggs, it is amazing. I’m also loving the alchemy range and I’ve mixed and awesome combo of menthol, cherry and chewing gum, it’s like a minty chappy.


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew go wash out our mouth apex is grooooooooooos :stuck_out_tongue:
im kidding its just very sweet and I dont like the gummy flavour he used.


I see gbom is bringing a peanut butter. cannot wait to taste that. went to juicies today to go pick it up but they only had 2mg. i dont understand how people go so low.


Hahahaha I dont know how you go so high - I love my 2mg

Apparently this is good - I still need to taste it tho

But this custard is amazing

His canoli is also well worth it - not to much cinamon


When i vape 2mg it feels like im not vaping. i want to be hit in the throat by a truck. that way i know im doing something.


See that is my issue - I have a reaction to pg - so i have to stick with max vg now and cant handle the throat hit at all.


Well i’m not sure about the gummy flavour but to me it tastes just like speckled eggs so i’m happy. Otherwise I try stick to more of the fruity flavours although i’d love a nice coffee one now.

Maybe I need to learn to mix my own flavours and then i’ll be happy


Also just a reminder if you havent yet please go sign!

I have, have you?!