Epic Win Vaping Thread


New plaything desk check.


That is awesome! How does it vape?


for me its something to get used to. I like a massive throat hit. Being only a single cell device it doesnt do that. Also had to go back and buy some kanthal cause the clapton wire didnt work at all. Other than that its pretty great. Easy and simple to use and sorts the problem of needing to drip the whole time without sacrificing the flavour for a tank.


My mechs hit differently, my Octopus hits like a choo choo train and Bolt is more of a slower more consistent hit, but still hits harder than the others.
I have 6 mech squonkers and one regulated. I am only taking the squonks out a couple days a month as I want to keep them in pristine condition


How do you get them to hit hard? I always hear about mechs hitting hard, but I just don’t see how to do that with a single cell? Do I have to go lower with the resistance? Think the current build is 22g kanthal, 7 wraps, 2,5mm ID. Came out to about 0.2 ohms. One buddy suggested I get between 0.14 and 0.18.


My automatic cut off with a mech is 0.15ohms on a 30amp battery. I know I can go lower, but I’m keeping myself in the safe zone of what my battery can handle.
A lot of things contribute to hitting hard, yes the build does, but so do the contacts. My Bolt and Octopus have 99.9% silver contacts which transfers electricity better.
I would try vtc5a’s with a 0.15ohm build on nichrome before dropping cash and worrying about silver contacts. My athena hits like a truck with standard contacts.
nothing wrong with kanthal, i find it takes a little bit longer to ramp up.
That being said a friend of mine only uses kanthal in his mechs.
Being in the land of the mechs is fun as you need to keep trying different setups until you are happy with the setup as it differs from person to person.
If you have time, let Mark at Juicies help you with setting it up.


Aah sweet. Thanks Snow. Are you the same Bruce as in the juicies chat?


That’s me.
Just pit in a nice juice order with them


Yeah i spent way too much money yesterday. But now I might need to go get some nichrome. I assume you don’t need to worry about temp control with nichrome?


Not that I know of.


nope, temp control as a setting on a mod only works with some wires. Stainless being one of them. doesnt work with kanthal or nicrome


loves vaping and here is my latest vape device


How long did it take you guys to learn all this stuff? :laughing:


A couple of months :stuck_out_tongue:

As I always say, If I can do it anyone can :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL :laughing:

I’ve been smoking on and off for years and Its really weird. I go through these slumps where I’m not interested in cigarettes at all, almost to the point where i feel like i can just quit but then other times i crave the living hell of of it and so the cycle continues.

I’ve been thinking of going over to vaping but really have not clue what any of this stuff is or how it works


Dude, ask @Snowbeast how easy this actually is.

If you want I can always just meet you at jayjays and have Mark there talk you thru the basic options.

YOu dont have to go mental, you can start small and decide if its something that you would want to do we will happily help


@Wyvern helped me in October last year. I tried going for a cheap device, then tried them all.
If I could give you any advice it would be get a variable wattage device (one you can set the watts on) and a rebuildable tank.
Get the guys at juicy joes to teach you how to wick and you set.
I love juucies. I live 1500km away but because of their service I only use them.
Don’t stress about all the jargon. You pick it up.
It’s changed my life vaping


Thanks @Wyvern @Snowbeast, I’ll have a look around. So far you’ve guys have been very helpful :grin:


Dude jy bly naby genoeg - http://juicyjoes.co.za/

gaan visit hulle en laat my weet ek kan jou daar kry…

Dis makliker om dit te verduidelik in person as hier :stuck_out_tongue:

Vaping makes a difference, and it does help you to stop smoking


Thanks, Ek sal kyk hoe lyk my naweek. Ek mag dalk daar om gaan wanneer ek na my pa-hulle toe gaan saterdag. :+1: