Epic Win Vaping Thread


No offence intended, but this is funny:

I with @CrONus - it’s like a whole different language in here. Have tried it a handful of times but honestly just couldn’t be bothered with it all. Gimme my Bic lighter and a pack of 20s and I’m sorted. That said, some of my favourite people (present company included!) are dedicated vapers, and they love it. So more power to y’all! Vape on!


Out of curiosity, do vapes these days hit like a well built hubbly?

I last tried vapes a while back (with and without nicotine) and it felt empty. Seeing as theres so much customisation options around I’m curious as to if things have changed/improved over time?


Heck yes

It depends on the build and what you want from it, I find the hit from a vape is bigger than a hubbly these days.

Also a lot safer :stuck_out_tongue:


no nicotine was the problem. Nicotine gives you the kick. These days the trend is to move to very low amounts of nic and I hate it. So I just bought a bottle of nic now and add it to whatever i buy to get the lung kick.


Loving this!


Popped in at JJ’s this morning and got this… Hope it’s good :grin:



Hahaha PK is very good! It is a bit sweet and the ice is tooooooo cold for winter :stuck_out_tongue:


What would you recommend for the winter time? I’ve always liked fruity flavors so i thought i’d give this a go


Heheh there are so many!

It really depends on what you like to vape, deserts and fruity with no ice works for me.

I love my Chewwy White Gummy from Five points, this Pineapple Express is good, Strawberry cupcake and blueberry cupcake from Ejuice co.

Then there is the jayjays strawberry donut, they have canolli in stock from Hein, as well as his kustard, then there is frostees and so many more - best advice go get mark at jayjays to give you a taste of a few :smiley:
Go with things you like to eat and you will find something


That’s why i went with a fruity type as i prefer fruit flavors with most things.


And this Pineapple Express is brilliant, I get gatvol of vanilla in the desert vapes way to fast.


gbom peanut butter conspiracy. i cannot get enough. on my way to juicies now to go pick up some more.


The blueberry cupcake sounds amazing and the kustard :smiley:

Don’t you come and start with your peanut butter stories… I’ll have to try that one as well


So good. So peanut buttery and jammy.


One of My favourite juices.


Picked up some Gbom Peanut Butter Conspiracy this morning… whooo nice!


Nice. I love that shit.


Very interesting live talk currently going on


https://www.vaporl.com/, the cheapest online vapor store


Anyone want to buy some VG, PG, Nicotine and some leftover flavours from me? I was helping someone bottle, and they bailed on me. They basically told me to sell the stuff to make up for things…