Explain Yourself! Tell us why you have the name and avatar you have

With a new site, we have new faces, and new names, and new logos. So why not tell everyone why you specifically decided on the name and avatar you’ve chosen.

For me, the name DieGrootHammer came from university days. I called myself that during a game of Civ as a joke. At that point, I was using two other names, Sagte Botter and Tabernakel. DieGrootHammer seemed to stick, and I would say fits me quite well. Those that have met me in real life would know that DieGrootHammer is a fitting name indeed. Since then it’s just stuck, and I started getting all my online profiles onto that as well. I’ve always chosen names based on how funny or stupid they sound, because they make me laugh, and I like that.

My avatar is that of Ed from Ed, Edd and Eddy. I love the show, and Ed just resonates with me. He and Obelix are two of my favourite cartoon characters, so I’ve always used either of them. Plus, they are both big and stupid, and I like that because I too am big and stupid.


In high school we all got our own e-mail accounts, and my name/surname was already taken (on yahoo, this was before gmail!). so my nickname at the time was Mort, due to my name and also because my sister was a Terry Pratchett fan (I am now too). So mort / mott was used to call me and i tried combinations until mottamort was not taken on yahoo. from then it stuck and i just kept using that, as I find its incredibly unique. if theres a registered mottamort somewhere on the internet, its almost a guarantee its me. only once did I find the username already taken (and i’m fairly certain it was me anyway hehe)

Oh my avatar is a jpg from a cleavage bra advert from Japan. no reason really, apart from…well, its boobs. everyone loves boobs. even babies. babies cant be wrong.


well. my name is fanie en ek like van braai.

avatar - you can’t see it properly with a round avatar, but that’s supposed to be kilroy! (well, it’s me, but pretending to be the kilroy pic)

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Haha that made me laugh out loud.

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I can’t remember 100% where Blazzok comes from. I can remember that my name was Longbolt when I was still somewhere in Primary School, and then it changed to Reaver somewhere along the way. I decided to change to something else because I felt Reaver was too generic.
I think Blazzok was a play on the name Blizzard (if you haven’t figured it out yet, I love(d) Blizzard. Longbolt was the missile used by the Terran Missile Defense tower, and Reaver was a Protoss unit). :slight_smile:

I also find that Blazzok is quite unique; usually it is not in use on a new site I register for. If it is, there is a good chance it was me.

The avatar I just started using because I love Dead Space and it was a pic of a “face”. Not really sure.


I always wanted to have a band with the name Talentloos. And I have been using it since i was about 12. Also no one ever takes the name Talentloos on sites or services. So double win. It has just been a word that has been with me for decades.

And profile pic is Vivi form Final Fantasy 9. Cause Vivi is the best character ever. I also have a tattoo of him.


I… Just love the bird!

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I’m disappointed, thought it would have something to do with hyperion

Does anyone know what this thread was called at MyGaming? I can’t find it and it has a quote that I love and I can’t remember where the quote came from now.

Found it!

“It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.”

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh and the avatar is because I liked the colours. Seriously, that’s why I picked it initially and it stuck.

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Lets see, Wyvren was the original spelling of my nick since about 1994ish (IRC days). It was a misspelling that I decided to keep at that point since I was to lazy to register my nick under the correct spelling. Since then have been using variations of Wyv, Wyvren and so forth for all my online and gaming personalities. Plus dragons, who doesnt like them.
The avatar was one that took me ages to find, its just girl’s face entertwined with a dragon (so that I show I am a girl cos apparently a very purple signature isnt enough these days …)

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Until a few years ago I used a different handle, but have slowly been moving over to SIGSTART everywhere.

It’s a layered reference / joke.

On Linux (and other POSIX-compliant operating systems) you get these notifications that can be sent to processes or threads within the same process. Examples include SIGINT (an interrupt signal), SIGQUIT, SIGSTOP, and SIGKILL. There is no SIGSTART.

In Serenity, the movie spin-off/finale of the Joss Whedon series Firefly, a character called Mr. Universe says the following to the captain character, Malcolm Reynolds:

Can 't stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere.

A TV Trope has been named after this quote.

So you can’t stop the signal. The opposite of stop is start. Hence, SIGSTART.

Yeah I don’t actually expect anyone to get that.

My avatar is also a geeky loopback recursive reference thing, but somewhat simpler.

It is literally the avatar, Aang, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, in his avatar state.

(In Legend of Korra we are introduced to an older Aang. My profile pic is a screenshot from one of the episodes.)

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Dohc-WP initially on other forums i had the callsign of Dohcta as i was always fixing things (mostly computers back then) be it for me or my friends, when i registered on myBB i shortened it to dohc and added wp for western cape but a year or so after that i bought my audi and it has a Dohc (double overhead cam) motor so the meaning of Dohc kinda changed over that course of time.

so thats how i ended up with Dohc-WP.

My avatar used to be iron man, as im a hugh iron man fan but i used it for close to 5 years and i felt a change was needed (when everyone changed their avatars on mygaming) so i switched it to a pic of my car a few years ago.


Sweepslag was given to me by a friend. It usually becomes Whiplash on international forums, but you guys will understand it so I use the Afrikaans version here. :smiley:

My avatar is the player character (The Commander) from Strike Commander. He’s one of my favourites of all the ingame avatars I’ve used over the years, not least because Strike is one of my all-time favourite games.


My name is Brad but got the nickname Bear because I klapped puberty long before all my other friends.
Then 117 is a reference to Master Chief Spartan 117 from Halo. Because I like the character a lot. Strong, silent, kick arser. Also bradbear is not unique, its taken everywhere.

Avatar is from BF3 the greatest multiplayer fps ever made, next too Bad Company 2.
I think its tied to my gmail/origin/disqus or something though. I have only chosen it once ever, now it automagically pops up wherever I sign up.


hmmm so many many cycles ago one of my friends used to refer to me as FairyBoy which was a whole story on its own I cant quite recall anymore, when I started needing a gamer handle I decided on B1naryFairy because I was young and trying to be cool, this was fine for a while until certain cultural shifts happened over the years and it seemed to allude to my sexuality which was not the original intention, I then changed this to B1naryBlaz3 for many years which was fine but then felt lame after a while, this then became DrBlaz3 which I still like but sounds like a Weed reference, so I finally changed it to Pr0fPyr0, you can interrupt that as professional I suppose but the intention was professor.

So there is a theme of fire here , yes I like fire, I have a history with it but that’s a story for another time.

My Avatar is from the Witcher 2 Credits, I noticed the image and screen grabbed it, again fire and I love Witcher so makes sense.


Easy and very unoriginal, it’s my name, surname and country.

Avatar I usually edit every 1 to 2 years with the current games I play. Looking at my social sites, you will see a Simpsons family portrait, that is my family currently; Myself, Wife, My 10 year old son, 5 year old and (almost) 3 year old daughters.

My 2017 avatar.
My family, down to the grey cat and and red dog, just missing the latest addition, our house bunny.

Hoping to change my nick to jacosmitnz in the near future…


I started out wanting to use Centurion on the Heavengames forums because thats the unit I always tried to build in Age of Empires. But that was taken, I registered as Czech Centurian. Later on I changed that to Czech Crusader. Which I shortened to CzC on mybb.


My name is Avatar, since it’s my avatar in the online world. Not too complex. I got the idea from an ad on the back of a gaming mag around 1999, and it stuck. On sites where it’s been taken, I use Avatar_5, since 5 is my lucky number.

My Avatar is a random pic I found when signing up for Facebook ages ago. It so exemplifies me that a huge number of my friends think they it actually is a photo of me, but they’re all wrong - I don’t wear jeans.