Forum layout and structure

Branched off from Voting for a new name meta discussion:

My favourite so far is still :smile:. But failing that, my feeling / opinion is that the current MyGaming site is a bit more organised and I find it easier to navigate and read. If the previous UI is available, I vote keep it (regardless of what the new name will be). Especially if we want to attract new visitors, the old UI is just more familiar I think.

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I’m with @Viper here. This forum software is nice but after using it a while, I prefer old MyGaming which feels more structured.

You two are making some great points, and I almost want to agree with you. However, bear in mind that currently, this site is not all that setup yet. There is a whole host of changes still to be made regarding categories, tags and other settings that can give this site the structure currently lacking. MyGaming has had a fair few years to get the structure in place. While I do agree, compared right now as is, MyGaming has a better structure, I do think that this site can get to the same structure feel with a bit of change and setup done.

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I’m pretty sure Discourse can be configured to look the same as MyGaming does now. The default layout can be set to category view, and the categories can be set to look exactly like the old forum.

I think the new paradigm of Discourse offers new opportunities, though.

That said, the aim here is to support the MyGaming community. Whatever software, layout, URL, colour scheme, font does that best is what I want to use.

I have to admit, I still love this discourse so much more - the way the threads update in real time is my all time favourite feature - I hate posting a reply and while I am typing something comes up at work and I have to wait - then refresh the page loose my place and thoughts.

Well, I’m open to see what Discourse can do. If we can have a similar layout / structure to MyGaming and have some of the nicer features like live updating that @Wyvern mentioned, that would be great.

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I’m going to link my comment here as well. Perhaps looking at creating categories and tags like that would lend towards creating a much more structured site, and potentially easier way for people to find content.

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Also you guys should try the search. It works really well.

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@SIGSTART I see Firefox is complaining that is has blocked parts of the site that are not secure


Chrome is fine though, It might be due to something using http instead of https, i’m not sure though normally if that’s the case Chrome would also be complaining.

Uhm its just FIXED itself after I Ctrl+f5’d …weird, will check at home as well and see if its something that was cached

Okay, so with the category section now featuring prominent, it is important for to note a few things when posting new threads:

  1. Add thread to the correct category. At the moment we have a very limited amount of categories, so if there is any additional categories that should be added, feel free to post here about your ideas.

  2. Add an appropriate tag to the thread. These tags further help filter and structure the site and help people find the right type of content they are looking for.

I know this is pretty straightforward info, but if we can get into the habit right now we will have a much easier time in the long run.

That’s weird. I’ve also enabled the setting that forces Discourse to serve HTTPS everywhere. Not sure where an HTTPS downgrade like what you’re showing in the screenshot might happen.

Im still looking for a mark all read even when I didnt read the thread - I havent found one that really works yet. Cos I dont read posts about consoles since I dont own one.

Does the Dismiss New button not clear everything for you? I tried it now and it seems to clear everything that I haven’t read.

Not always nope, will wait till the threads have piled up again and try again. I think its just my mind, I want it on the front page not have to click new and then dismiss :stuck_out_tongue:
Ja ek is vol stront ek weet

You can change your settings to make the Unread things your front page. For instance I had categories as my front page since the beginning. :slight_smile:

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I love this as my front page but yea I can do it on unread/new and dismiss.

Ah alright. :smiley:

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See that page soothes the voices in my head.

Ok see the topics I dont follow is light, the ones I have read is grey and new replies is white. I cant dismiss the ones I dont follow - it drives me insane

I’m with those above who prefer the Myg style layout but change is good sometimes. Wheres the chat box?!