Game Tester: Test Games for Fun and XP

Test games, earn XP and GTGold, get rewarded for giving good feedback? Err, yes please, don't mind if I do!

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While I was busy typing the article, I got invited to join my first game test:

We have recently updated Gems of War and would like feedback from players on their overall experience and general thoughts.

So it’s not a test for an unreleased game, but one that has been recently updated. It’s a Free-to-Play gem matching puzzle game probably best suited to a mobile while standing in a queue, and definitely not something I would normally play. But its also on Steam, I need to be on my desktop for a while tonight, so I’ll install it, have a play around and give my feedback.

I’ve been testing for GT for a while. One of the test was for this virtual conference software… it was horribly buggy - but that is the purpose of these tests. Gems of War is pretty cool, I decided to do the test on my phone and found myself playing it far past the needs of the test.

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I had a feeling I’m a bit late to the party. :slight_smile:

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I have done gamestester for just over year. And made to level 11. Just wish GTGold was worth a bit more and that they had more hardware options. I am busy saving up for the amd Ryzen 3950x. But probably by the time I have the gold something new will be out.

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interesting. I’ve been a rainforest tester for quite some time, which allowed me to build up a decent paypal account with which i bought games.

This might be right up my alley :slight_smile:

edit: joined, using your affilate link (ever since i posted my $2 link on mygaming and actually got rewards, im happy to do it for fellow mewers). completed all the thingys, and even honestly went and deselected some genres of games im not interested in :stuck_out_tongue:
now to see how quickly i get tests.

speaking of which, i should get back into rainforest testing, that was actually cool (website testing)

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How does the rainforest test work?

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its a chrome extension you hvae, and you click it to say you are “active” (if it picks up inactivity after like 15 minutes it auto turns off) and waiting for a test. once a test arrives it opens a new tab automatically with accept/decline. that has like a 1 minute timer before you also dont accept test and fail. you basically connect to a VM in your tab with either windows or mac OS installed (sometimes even a mobile os), with a certain browser open.
the tests are all short instructions on what you should do. step 1 is always "copy paste link X below into the browser. that link usually takes you to the company’s test page they want you to test. many times its an online store or some kind of portal. so step 2 is usually use credntials X to login. every step pays you. so step 1 was “copy paste link x into browser. did it take you to a page that looks like this - screenshot link” you say yes you go to next step. you say no and test stops there and you say what went wrong.

they can get VERY anal with completing instructions EXACTLY, and theres quite a lot of accountability and checks to make sure you arent just clicking yes for everything. you get 4c (in dollars) for every step completed. so you generally get about 40c for a test.

I hope i didnt explain it in super confusing ways. ive been doing it for years so it 'Makes sense" to me. its def not enough pay (or work unless you grind and NEVER get any work rejected to get to “A” level - my best is B…better grade gets more and trickier tests to do) to like make a career/salary out of it. but it was decent enough that when bored at work i’ll do a test or 2 (alot more tests usually happen around 8am-11am our time) and ive made a couple hundred dollars worth…which has sadly all disappeared into uber eats since you can pay via paypal hehehe

if they were in the “referral” world i’d obv have a link. but they arent looking for more testers AFAIK for the last few years…its sort of a “got in while i could” thing. it actually came from tremorgames and doing those tasks. and i found the rainforest linked tasks paid the best (got many csgo skins that way), then started doing rainforest direct.

but yea, basically a test for webpages to see if either their login portals work correctly, or if a certain function inside the website works correctly, using different browsers,OS’s, resolutions etc.

If it wasnt for the fact that i’ve had to sign a digital NDA on some of the tests (if you do you get access to the nda tests), i’d happily screenshot the process etc, but im pretty sure thats against the rules :smiley:

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makes a lot of sense almost the same as game testers they just not that detailed on there test. Most are them testing height loads. So it login at specified time and hang around for ever 30 or 45 mins. They also do a lot of NDA’s

cant speak for game testers, but rainforest tests are VERY strict with their rules. its very detailed. You can get NAILED on technicalities very easily (every now and then a job you did will get “reviewed” and either accepted or rejected. you can appeal rejected jobs and have a 2nd person look at it. alot of the reviews i failed were because of very obscure rules to follow depending on the type of instruction, or even the bug encountered and how to report it. like if you clicked twice on a web page button instead of once, before being taken to the next page. thats a fail. the instructions would have said click the button. does ti take you to next page? if you click once and it doesnt, you should be selecting no and stopping the test…that sorta thing :stuck_out_tongue: )

Heres a copy paste from 1 of my rejected jobs, where i was obviously not paying attention and probably alt tabbing between it and youtube or something


STEP 1: You performed this step incorrectly. After you entered password, you were instructed to click LOG IN button, but you failed to perform that action and you logged in by pressing Enter on your keyboard (video 2:18). In the same step after you clicked Launch Pro button (video 3:04), page refreshed and you were not taken to All Projects page. Instead of reporting an obvious bug, you waited for some time and then you clicked Launch Pro button for the second time (video 3:35). If you are not taken to correct page after following instructions, then you need to report, instead of repeating that action until you reach desired outcome.
STEP 4: You were specifically instructed to type “Aniya-19702-network”, but instead you used copy-paste (video 4:30). Please remember that when instructions ask you to type, you are required to type using your own keyboard and you are not allowed to copy-paste.
STEP 6: You failed to wait for entry to save properly, before passing a step, even though you were directly asked in a question did entry saved. You can see on the screenshot that entry was still saving in the moment you answered a question.
STEP 8: You were instructed to right-click on the network of highlighted dots, but instead you right-clicked on a blank section in the top right.


Jissis… ok sorry sir, I won’t fail again. I promise.


I wonder how much they have to pay someone to write out those reports :sweat_smile:


so i have a test…and im about to install an apk onto my android device…
but i cant help but feel that this is some kind of advertising company, and we’re just being used to boost etc. ie we’re being “paid” to boost download numbers etc :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey it’s good “money” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s the Ragnarok one?

So how much value do you actually get from this? Do you have to play for a specific number of hours per week to make it worth your while? And how long until you can actually get something useful? Just want to know if, for someone with limited time like me, if this would be worth doing or not.

so this test will give me 3775 “gold”. i need R1050 for the cheapest PC case (which i’d like to work up to), or 69000 “gold”. you do the math :stuck_out_tongue:

wow. i’ve never seen my phone go - this app is causing your phone to overheat, close it now or it will automatically close in 20 seconds.

so yea, im not able to download the 5gb with the graphics and shit still going on in the background of this app :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh is there a 5GB download?! No wonder if sits there saying Member downloading. I don’t think I even have enough free space

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well it did that for a good 10 minutes. i had already started making notes saying theres no visible progress bar so it seems frozen (but that line at bottom IS progress bar, it just doesnt move). then it tells you it needs to do a 5gb update. then it DOES have quite a nice progress bar and % complete for each of the 440 files it starts downloading…but again on an interactive screen that BURNS your battery and phone. thats where mine shut down. after cooling phone off and restarting the app, its now doing the “member download” thing and the progress bar is sitting at about a 1/3rd… im installing bluestacks because despite my phone being plugged into the charger here, my battery has gone from 61% to 8% in about an hour… not cool

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