[GameClub] Destiny 2


Haha thanks for that :+1:t2:


Nicely done guys!


So thanks to everyone in this thread for continuously posting about this game i finally gave in and finished it…man am i addicted to it now…



Continuous posting works.


Skree as jy company soek


Any of you still around the 200ish power level? I’ve finished the base game but plan on heading back in soon.


I’m just above that level I think 250-ish. Level 20


I’m higher than that but more than willing to do anything else with you guys


I think I have you on battle.net, mine is Yezzy#2657. When do you guys usually play?


I’m at 623 currently and won’t be online again until latee in the week (or the weekend). Currently grinding my way up to be proficient in the Black Armory forges… Only managed to get to the boss of the first forge after several attempts. Seems like PL630 is the sweet spot to be able to complete it.


We play random times during the day for now, normally from 8 till 11ish


Haha more people finished this GameClub than started. The list of champions is bigger than the list of participants. Nicely done everyone!


ok so i bought the forsaken expansion… now the question is do i immediately level up my char to level 30 and play forsake or do i play the red war, osiris and warmind campaigns first?


I’d recommend going in sequence. When you’re halfway through the Barons you should hit 50. Don’t worry too much about hoarding legendary or exotic gear during the campaign, as you’ll constantly get Year 2 blue drops that outclass your Year 1 gear and weapons. Because you’re below 600 PL you’ll get Prime engram drops quite frequently…

I’m considering a new playthrough with a Titan as well. The final grind on my 620-630 PL Hunter is agonizing.


Alas i never got to finish the game… I went a away for most of December, thought i might get some time, but i did not… I will still keep playing though, great game!


You still have lots of time. Until the end of the month.


We have 3 months for Destiny 2?


My apologies, my mind was elsewhere and I replied without thinking.


Lol Soli, didn’t you do something similar to me :laughing: Maybe another break is in order. Or if you didn’t have a break, you know where your issue lies.


Look all i know is that iv got till the end of Jan to get the game finished, and thats what im gona do, because @Solitude said so!