[GameClub] Destiny 2


Ah so we could theoretically do the quest then. But then the exotic will probably get soon overtaken by higher level weapons and then you’d have to infuse


That’s the grind, yes. You store exotics for later and infuse once you reach level cap. Then you wait for a new expansion to drop and do it all over again.


So I finished the game yesterday with @Wyverns help and then got dragged into something that was way above my level with @Darthmol and @Wyvern Its after that that I discovered I’d been playing with really low level equipment.


Bwahahahahaha eejit!


You must mos know thats how I play rpgs by now.


I love it :stuck_out_tongue:


I have yet to have a single mod thingy (enhancement cores, thanks @MalicE ) drop (apparently it drops frequently from Forsaken) so I’ve never been able to infuse anything. I get around this by destroying my exotic, and recreating it in the menu, it then appears as roughly my level…probably more expensive overall, but since i don’t have any of the enhancement cores, only way for me to do it.


Enhancement Cores. Yes they are easier to come by if you have Forsaken

Also if you infuse with an exotic you don’t need an enhancement core. and if you infuse with the same weapon/armor


Did not know that, dont fuully understand how infusing works. which gets eaten by which, does what ive equipped currently become something else?
Say i am holding a sniper rifle power 100 and i have a scout rifle 150 in inv. if i infuse the 2 will my equipped sniper rifle become 125? 150? will it become a scout rifle 150+?


The sniper rifle will become lvl 150


Nicely done @czc!


yes. and you don’t need to have it equipped. it will absorb the higher lvl item you dismantle and get its power lvl



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Just finished the base game. Forgot how short it actually is if you only play mission to mission. I didn’t even unlock my third subclass. :stuck_out_tongue: