[GameClub] Destiny 2


Welcome to the madness if I am online and you need a hand please shout ok



I have successfully completed the game, or rather I should say the campaign, there seems to be a fair bit more to do now. I’ll definitely continue playing though, but as far as Game Club is concerned I am done!



And nicely done to everyone who I didn’t say congrats to. Sorry, have been busy.


I managed to finish a story mission this morning. The one where you drive a tank and Cayde isupset that he never gets a tank. The one where I kept on disconnecting @Wyvern


yay glad to hear it!


That is an awesome mission, need more like those, also the game needs tank and spaceship battles, full battlefield style




I’ll need to team up with someone so I can do the Rat King quest - apparently you need at least one person in your party when you complete the requirements.


do you still need to do a nightfall in 15 minutes?


I won’t say no to that, i’m also sitting with that “exotic” quest in my inventory


Still need to do the previous quests - I see that that one can be tough

Cool, I think I have you on Battle.net will message you one evening and we can do the quest.


yeah especially since nightfall is now a 540 power quest. Its still going to take weeks of grinding to get there.


I have heard spoken whispers about this Rat King I have no idea what it is.

I need to do a levathian tho (raid yes)


we need one more. Then we are good to go. Ratking is great if you like side arms. not my vibe.


I prefer handguns and SMGS and scout rifles and snipers (altho I hardly use it)


Oh wow, I’m a long way away from that kind of power level! Only about 260 currently. I don’t know if it’s even possible for me to reach that power level without the expansions…


I believe the cap is at 300 without the expansions


If you own Forsaken it ups to 650 with the release of the Black Armoury expansion. You don’t need to own the expansion for the level cap increase. But, as @TechThief said, you need to own the other expansions before it.


Only if you have forsaken


OK that makes sense.