[GameClub] Destiny 2


Now trying to download that on my fooked connection is fun


I am so close to finishing the campaign (I think). Was gonna do that last night, but nope… 9+ GB update…

Bought the Necromancer DLC for Diablo III though, so I started that instead.


How is the Necro? Iv been considering giving it a go, but I dont think anything can get me back into D3…


Well I hear they’re bringing in an awesome new idea, where you can play diablo whenever you want, just by having a phone…you have a phone, don’t you?


I’m enjoying it actually. I mean, its Diablo 3, so it essentially is more of the same. But I think I want to give the next season a go, since I haven’t done any season characters ever.


I have fibre…10Mb, but fibre nonetheless. I remoted into my machine this morning to start the update.
wow 10gb. eish, ok, can make some progress by time i get home.

Got home. 10.28GB remaining @ 73 B/s

thanks blizzard…


They should really change the update in such a way that we are still able to play while it’s downloading the new content. Tired of waiting now


I didn’t get much game time in this week, so I’m looking forward to completing my Ace of Spades quest line and to start on the new grind for the Gambit auto rifle (the name escapes me now). I’m considering buying the annual pass as a birthday present to myself. :smile:


We had a massive storm come through yesterday. We had no power for a couple hours. Power came back on, started the download again, and not long after, our ISP got hit by lightning (or something)… Didn’t come back on until after I went to bed…


Finally got the update downloaded. Finished the campaign last night. So I guess that’s another GameClub wrapped up for me!

As much as I enjoyed it, and still have umpteen side missions available, I don’t think I’ll be continuing on, as it will just put me in a position where I’ll want to buy Forsaken with money I don’t have, and cause me to go all gooey again (skipping workouts to play).


I might be getting the gamefiles for PC from a buddy today so I might actually be able to finish it in time for the gameclub.


You still have another month to go…


Just got my first item i have to pay money for if i want to use (requires lvl 43) lol


My download finished today. So maybe I’ll get back into the story missions.


Still have 77 gig to download :frowning:


Um, at what speed?


53 Kbps it seems


Sounds like dialup.


Got the files but just as I was about to point Battle.net to them loadshedding happened. Thanks Eskom. :rage:

At least it didn’t happen while copying.

Sweet. I’m back in action. Since I have a Warlock and Titan on PS4 I’m gonna roll with Hunter on PC.


I really do have the best friends ever. Not only did my buddy bring me the files for the game, but last night when we started playing he also bought me Forsaken. :scream:

Decided to forget about my silly notions of playing with a Hunter, now that I have Forsaken it’s Warlock all the way.

I added a bunch of people on battle.net that I saw in this thread, but I just scanned through quickly so I might have missed on or two. Myrdlok#2317