[GameClub] Destiny 2


you’ve got another month…and the main story really isnt that long, so you can finish it in like 1-2 sessions if you don’t let yourself get distracted (easier said than done hehehe)


Also, Failsafe FTW XD


I’m about level 14 now. Put quite a few hours in this weekend. I’m really enjoying it. I’m doing some side missions, but mostly focusing on the main campaign. I don’t want to get tooooo into this, because I don’t have the money to buy the DLC.


If anyone finished the campaign and I missed it. Please let me know. Forsaken counts too.


I finished The Forsaken and it’s post-game content. Probably put in around 30 hours in November so far…


Is this going to be the first gameclub you’ve finishing?


Haha, indeed! I keep nominating games that I know I will be playing so I can actually complete one of these challenges. Only exception was Spec Ops: The Line MyGame… So this will actually be my second challenge that I complete. Yay for me!


Haha congrats!


Im just trying to follow the story, got stuck at a part last night and was getting so frustrated… Until @MalicE came to rescue me and point out that I was 20-30 light too low for the mission…


I finished it with all three characters now :smiley:


Done :slight_smile:
Fun game


Now the game actually starts! Now you can grind your power/light level, do Strikes and Raids, parcitipate in end-game events (like the Thunderlord quest line) etc… You should consider getting the expansions, because it adds a ton of content to the game.


I’m considering it, will see after payday. I’m stuck at around 260 for a while now. Let the grinding begin!


You can go up to 600 with all expansions in tow…


And without the expansions?

Do I understand correctly that you can only do the Thunderbird quest line until the update 18h00 tonight?



so its pay2play, and pay2win :smiley:
(yes i know how the mechanics actually work tee hee)


Pretty much, but it’s worth it!


F :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ing with my play time Blizz!!


Never mind, I can wait for this :slight_smile:

  • Submachine Guns
    Slightly increased range on Submachine Guns

  • Machine Guns
    Slightly increased accuracy on Machine Guns

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