[GameClub] Destiny 2


…so Forsaken = TTK?


Exactly. 10 chars


I’m still in the tutorial, but at least I got a half hour in last night


We had a good session last night… Thanks @MalicE for the help in our “team” and thanks @Wyvern and all the others for the good chats :grin:


So i continued the story missions, and i now unlocked “strikes”…man, people suck at this game. my first strike and i kept reviving these guys and having to do everything. i was lowest powered and had most impact.

Gonna focus on finishing main campaign and then i’ll feel comfortable to ask to to join you guys in end-game content.

Also, accidentally did my own heroic public event last night. Wasn’t aware its something you “activate” by doing specific things during events. will look into how to activate other ones as im guessing you get more loot at the end :stuck_out_tongue:


More accurately(in my experience) you get a better chance at gear and resources, I am on leave from tomorrow so give me a shout on discord if you would like some help, I know how to make most of them heroic now.


I need to play this again and get back on the storyline.


Played for a short bit and had a decently challenging fight in the pyramidium thingy.


Forsaken is on sale over on the Humble Store…




shot Soli, I was too lazy to link :stuck_out_tongue:


we noticed… Dick… :japanese_goblin:


I will have to wait and see if there is monies payday if this is still on then


you have 5 days


yea I will also only get the $29 one, cant pay more than that


I finished the main campaign!


I THINK i did too :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone know someone called shadowdragon, who wants to join the clan?


story of my life…


I’ve had so little time to play this. But this weekend I’ve managed to get up to level 13. But then I went ahead and bought BF V. Luckily it’s still downloading haha.