[GameClub] Destiny 2


yes, it has nothing to do with the tangled shore


yeah i just said the wrong thing. i had to investigate shit near the forest in EDZ. Sorry not tangled shore


next time you log in it should start with you having to go talk to Amanda


will check tonight.


Get a room, you two!


Thanks oltman, that just made my day. I physically ROFL’d for about 5 minutes now.


I miss my sparrow.

I hope I haven’t been silly and overlooked getting it somehow. I’m now on Io.


If you have it unlocked - you can access it via your collectables :smiley:


I hit lvl 20…and just about to leave nessus. i think i’m spending too much time on each planet as i go (titan seems to be like 100% complete right now) and should maybe just blast through the story…it recommends i be lvl 7 lol


Am I the only one that noticed very early on that each adventure or mission basically takes you to the same frikking location for only SLIGHTLY different reasons…? seems very lazy


Yep they do reuse the areas - I found this to be especially noticeable on Titan where it is less open and more linear. The environments do look good though so I suppose they decided that with all the effort to create the environments they’d re-use the areas for different missions.


Base campaign completed


You’ll get your sparrow… And lots of versions of it via Eververse unlocks later on. The same goes for ships… I keep on dismantling ships and sparrows now and only keep Exotic unlocks, as I realised most new unlocksare only reskins of previous shapes. I have 4 Exotic ships and 2 Exotic sparrows unlocked so far.


I finished Forsaken over the weekend.

Man what a great expansion that was. It features one of my favourite boss fights to date. Also the story was great and I love the new enemies.

Cannot wait to jump into the end game content properly.

I have to say Destiny 2 never really captured me in the way Destiny 1 did. With this expansion I feel like they have clawed it back a little bit. For once I am excited to play Destiny again.

Also holy shit there is a lot of stuff to do now. In my opinion it was the one thing Destiny 2 wasn’t very good at. But now there is more than enough to do to a point where if you aren’t very diligent you will not get through everything. And I like that.


Have you gotten to the Dreaming City yet? Like in properly?


Not yet. I stopped just after the campaign. To be honest, I still do not know how to get to the dreaming city? Will check it out again some time in the week when I have some time.


I kept getting disconnected last night.


Yea your connection was not happy


Do the expansions answer any of the questions left by the end of the base campaign?

I’m going to play them anyway. I’m just curious


After ending the story, you get a bounty from Spider that decrypts an artifact to unlock the Tower in the Tangled Shore. That opens up a whole new chapter in the post-Forsaken story that adds a couple of hours to the game. The Dreaming City itself is an expansive area with loads of little secrets. Many of the activities are 540 recommended PL though, so prepare yourself…