[GameClub] Destiny 2


Crikey. Well done.


How do you get it?


from RNGeesus


Who hates me :frowning:


I don’t know.


Well worth the side mission. That thing is OPAF.


I’m so far behind :frowning:


Thanks to some clan engrams and strike/crucible rewards I hit 356 last night. Mars is almost manageable now


are we gonna finish that thunderlord shit tonight?


Ja I’ll do it again


You know you are not allowed to play without me. Only i am allowed to play without you.





yeah so we need to do the next step now


Oh wait. mine didnt trigger. I still need to go do shit on the tangled shore.


I member now


there is no next step. after you leave the Cosmodrome it’s over


see above. 10 chars


^. 10 chars


no. you are wrong.

you get the Thunderlord from the cryptarch quest


Yes but remember i didnt do anything yet in the quest line. so I needed to do one more lost sector to finish the first part of it. Then then i couldnt see the next part of the quest, so you started it and we went to cosmodrone. but it didnt trigger for me. I got fuck all after we finished that.