[GameClub] Destiny 2


Never used it in D1, aka never played D1, but I looooooooooove D2


Ahh never knew that. Thought they were free updates more than expansions.Very new at the Destiny thing


No dude. Destiny milks you for all you are worth. I think Destiny 1 in the end cost me close to R2k by the end of year 2.


but it is always beneficial to wait. normally by the time the big year 2 content gets released, they throw in the previous years stuff. But if you are an idiot like me you buy them all as they come out.


Got mine yesterday. I did the quest steps as they unlocked during Festival of the Lost, so only had my trip back to the Cosmodrome (!!!) to complete. The gun is insanely powerful and is the right (re)introduction to full on machine guns to Destiny 2.


I take it you played 1? How amazing and special was that?


I’m guessing you need to have finished the campaign to be able to get the Thunder gun. I don’t think I’ve discovered/unlocked the Tower area.


Amanda Holliday (the shipwright in The Tower) issues you the quest. I do think you need to have finished the campaign, yes.


I’m busy playing the first game on PS4. Completed the main story and busy with the DLC stories currently. It was great being back at the Comsodrome and I hope it’s Bungie’s way of reintroducing old maps to the game. Old Russia and The Moon would be great to revisit in a new coat of Destiny 2 paint!


Wait, so you finished it?

Did anyone else finish it? Because I need to add you guys to the champions list. Maybe everyone who finishes it should mention me because things have been a bit hectic at work.


Finished it twice @Solitude


I discovered Failsafe last night.

Wouldnt mind having her as a ghost


She is amazingly twisted.


@Solitude Yeah finished it


Haha yeah, the dialog in this game is awesome, especially the SA reference, will not spoil it for those that have not gotten so far in the story.


Since the beginning of the month?


Yep, almost done with my third one


Well, not strictly speaking. I started with The Forsaken at the beginning of the month and subsequently completed that. So if that counts towards GameClub, then sure, add me to the champions list! During the rest of the month I’ll complete the game again with my Warlock, possibly even going as far as working through the expansions as well.


I have that emote :slight_smile:


yes, it’s OP AF

I miss the moon… :worried:

Failsafe is the greatest thing since GLaDOS


I want that so badly!