[GameClub] Destiny 2


It scratched my APRG itch as well. I only played Diablo 3 last year and this is up there in terms of replayability.


Only tonight did i see you can “mod” your weapons slightly and they come with specific attributes… Gotta say im enjoying Grave Robber, never have to reload since it fills your ammo every melee kill…and im all about them melee kills :smiley:


Finally got this game started and ended up playing until the bit with the broken shard. I’m assuming that’s where the intro ends as I finally saw other players show up on screen. Beautiful game :smile:


haha, this is pretty much where i was before the week started…

I just went to Titan for the first time, the game difficulty definitely scaled up a bit there… But wow is it good looking!


I finished the game yesterday. Will wait for forsaken to be much cheaper.
Grinding out gear to pvp better now. I pvp often with my brother. I see it matched us up with locals as well last night.

Sucks walking around knowing that my fav char is going to die soon.


Nicely done!

I finished chapter 6 last night.


I saw Nathan Fillion Stroking the Chicken in the Barn last night. Thats where I got to.

Everyone else was eating Burgers.


The game is very easy though. I did most my quests with just just the recommended power level, and yet cruised through it all. Died once or twice due to having to go afk, but apart from that I did not die


I never knew he was the voice. Makes sense now I guess.

That cut scene was great


Its whyyyyy I love Cayde 6 so much


It gets a bit more difficult as you go along. But generally they did the balancing very well. If you are 1 person or 3 people, everything scales nicely.

I have this massive dilemma now where i need to play more red dead, but destiny has sucked me in completely again.


Where / when does it get difficult or tricky?
I am done with the story line now. And have done most of the side quests


Remember this is a game that has a console audience…they don’t understand that we see yellow numbers way more than white when playing destiny.


well mostly the end game content. Heroic daily missions, heroic strikes, raids etc. When you start getting into the heroic stuff you get modifiers added that can make life difficult, or you get time limits etc.


Ahhhh okay cool. can’t wait


Do you have any expansions or just base game at this point? The one dick thing Destiny does is lock the content behind the expansions. So it could be possible that the end game content is on such a level now that you simply wont be able to do them unless you have the expansions.


Just base game. I thought there was just forsaken. There are more?


Im gonna get my Thunderlord - aka do the stuff for it


Forsaken is the 3rd Expansion. It was first Curse of Osiris and then Warmind. But i think they made it now that if you buy forsaken you get the previous 2. But i might be mistaken.


apparently its a lot better than it was in Destiny 1