[GameClub] Destiny 2


bummer. 10 chars


Reached Nessus. Freed Cayde. Interesting character. Currently lvl 17. Played 2 matches of Crucible. I die so often, but managed 5 kills. Do I suck? Is it my ping? What’s up?


I wouldnt know I do not set foot into the crucible.


No, please join me next time. You can run around like a headless chicken and make me look less bad :rofl:


Nee dankie - Im worried about it making me feel sick since it will be faster paced - as it is I am the slow one :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really. Destiny’s networking code seems really efficient. I’ve never lagged or rubberbanded in the game. It comes down to reflexes and which weapons you have. Try the 6v6 matches, as you’ll always have a team backing you. Makes sure never to venture off alone or you’ll die pretty much instantly…


You must have good internet, because the lag is sooo apparent it is insane, the amount of time i have shot and have been shot through walls is insane, shooting someone infront of me and them randomly dying while i reload as their corpse shoots me with bullets.


I’ve not noticed any lag.


I am talking about the crucible PVP, since it uses peer 2 peer and not dedicated servers(according to a reddit thread) it is quite bad.

Pve is fine


I love the PVP so much.
Ping does not make a big difference at all.

I did however struggle to find games the last couple of nights. Games taking forever to populate


Have to say I have also never experienced any extremely bad lag in PvP. Maybe once in every 50 games.


I di have fibre yes… 50Mbps. I suppose it does make a difference in that regard?


Lol wtf, coz me, my brother, and my friend have terrible ping when it comes to the pvp


I’ve never really had any issues with PvP. high latency/ping is actually to your benefit in Crucible


Ping or loss?

There is almost a compensator as with Overwatch it feels like. Making ping difference not a big deal. But with packet loss it will be a nightmare


Don’t believe it’s packet loss, feels more like ping diffirence


Ya that’s for when you return to earth after completing the other locations in the solar system.


Could it be that this GameClub (ex-MyGame) is the one with the most participants and highest completion rate?


This is certainly the most active thread of all the Gameclubs so far, by about 100 post, and it’s only half a month into it.


The game going free to play probably helped, also I don’t know about the rest of you but this scratches that itch for a nice FPS game, last good one I played was actually DOOM(2016), (not counting BFV beta since that is pretty much the same as BF4 style)