[GameClub] Destiny 2


I also did a couple of those last night. Luckily every time there were other people there too.


Same here. First event I tried solo, but later on more people arrived. There’s some mother-giant thing roaming around there one-shot killing me the whole time.

This is me right now: http://www.destinystatus.com/pc/salbutamol%232941


Ok so we finished the main story last night till before the first dlc

So please shout if you guys need help


Yea hide from him he one shots almost everyone, he is a wanted ass from the forsaken world


I am yet to play this game with someone… we should make a plan.


Who are we? I must add you people to the champions list. :slight_smile:


Me and Nimatek :stuck_out_tongue:


Is Nimatek part of the forum? I see he isn’t in the participants list. That’s not good. He is missing out.

Is Nimatek your brother?


Also on the farm area, I wandered into some ghost cove and came across some Psion things that were immune to me…guess thats locked until im higher level or something…


Yes he is part of the forum, the poor eejit just never has time to post since he travels from client to client all day.

and yes he is my brother :smiley:


Played a bit more yesterday, Really enjoying this game! I have also noticed the Public events people just seem to leave alone… Im at the stage where i can go to Titan now, but haven’t yet…


Our problem is we cant leave public events alone again. We are addicted to them - always remember to rally to the flag - it recharges your light and amo


I ran out of Ammo last night with one, so this is great to know!

Albeit a little late mrs Wyv’s… :rofl:


Normal public events can be solo’d but when you make some of them heroic it can be a bit tough


I tried to do the first campaign mission in the arcology on Titan, then my electricity went off.

My game progress has been slow. I’ve done all the available sidequests on Titan and EDZ though.


My motivation to play the game has been a bit dampened after the spoliers that were revealed on here O_o


Its not spoilers if it was the marketing campaign for the DLC


That’s fair game.


I did not watch 1 single trailer. Was saving them for when I finish the base game. So much for that


I also didn’t play yesterday.