[GameClub] Destiny 2


no its not a spoiler.


Yeah, it has not happened yet where I am and I had no idea. So not a spoiler yes


Oh yes, Malice and Wyvern let that slip yesterday.


Game ruined



it’s in the forsaken trailer


Thank you for spoiling the trailer for me. :disappointed_relieved:


That’s… not a thing


It is now.


I also held out watching the trailer until I finished the base game. So much for that now I guess…


Glad im not the only one that thought mentioning a key character to the game dying was a spoiler… Thanks @Talentloos… Thanks…


go away. you know nothing


Nobody said he’s dead…


Ummmmmm, you reading this in some different way ?


Game ruined… Uninstalling!


Also true. It’s heavily implied


that’s just some good old trolling


Even though he’s dead, the story around his death makes for a brilliant expansion. I think back fondly to the opening mission that you cavort through a prison with him before the trigger is finally pulled and the barons are introduced… Some of the best gaming I’ve done this year!


So i’m on titan…and seems i’m able to do public events by myself…doesnt seem like people care too much for those. wish there was a “bonus” for being the only one there to do it or something :stuck_out_tongue:


You struggling with the Spider tank one? Shoot the legs until it collapses, pick up 2x orbs and place them in the generators that have shields covering the bazookas. Grab a bazooka and finish off the tank. When it’s down, it’s “neck” opens up, allowing for huge damage to be dealt…

Edit: just read you said you ARE able to do them by yourselves. Yes, I’ve solo’d many public events…


That spider tank one was fun. But I did it with @Wyvern and her brother.