[GameClub] Hitman Season 1



Its the first day, you’re just on time.


I’ll fire it up later today


You’re still alive?! Hoe did you manage to miss out on the Destiny 2 GameClub? It’s your jam!


Too much shit going on. Work has been hectic, along with life. I plan on making that change though.


I know the feels. New baby, bunch of new clients and new industry (for me) all contributed to me being close to mental breakdown several times the past 6 odd months.


Enjoying it so far. Just finished Paris.

Leaving in style


Yay now I can 100% paris and then do Holiday Hoarders!


I can totally still remember/play the first Season. First attempt at paris. suit only silent assassin pure fibre wire.



Ok managed to finish the 2nd mission in Sapienza. Man it took me a while. I really struggled with the golf coach and getting into a hazmat, but got it eventually.

That douche :grin:

Here goes nothing

Leaving in style again

Mission 2 stats

I loved this part


I suppose we can skip the tutorial levels and start from the first mission?


Up to you, the prologue missions are quite fun as well though.


Yeah I’ve played them like 100 times each, which is the only reason I’m asking. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finished Marrakech. Another nice challenging one. I messed up twice, one by them seeing me and one by them finding a body. So only got 3 out of 5, so I’ll be trying it again to get 5 before moving on.

I struggled quite a bit with this guy. He kept seeing me no matter how many different ways I tried to distract him.

Bye bye

Yeeees yeeees

About to leave the mission area only to find I needed a key to unlock the car. Blonde

Heading out


Finished Paris, not the best rating but managed to check off some more challenges.

All those non-target kills where the result of the method of killing the target. I didn’t actually just randomly murder 8 people. :stuck_out_tongue:


Managed Marrakech again, this time got 5 out of 5. Also tried @Mottamort’s suit only but got stuck at the school. Couldn’t go further without a disguise.

Struggled with this guy last time, new disguise and now we best friends. He’s so shallow. Only wants to be friends with the cool army guys.

Literally walking out the front door

Moving on to the next one.


So I started today, and wow, I haven’t played a Hitman game in such a long time, and this has been such a breath of fresh air.

I did the training missions to get to grips with the game mechanics again, and almost immediately fell in love with the game.

So I finished Paris as well. Paris was a great mission. I managed to finish the game with what I thought a good score, but I was seen once and had to kill the guy that saw me, so had that penalty applied. After completing Paris I actually replayed the mission again to complete more challenges and unlock more stuff for other replays. I like the fact that the mission feels completely new and different if you go out to get the kills in different ways, and start from a different areas.

Now onto the next mission that I shall do over the weekend. I want to go through a few play troughs of each mission and get a few more challenges. The missions are absolutely massive!!


So, spent hours and hours now trying to figure out the Hong Kong one. I play to not be seen and to not kill anyone, so I need to look for opportunities. What’s worse is that the game designers mess with you. One part where you poison a selection of prepared meals, the game chooses a random one, and always one that’s not poisoned. Ok then, Let’s try and poison the whole pot. Nope, then you just poison the chef and not the target. :man_facepalming:

Will try again tomorrow.


Booted up the game last night but got sidetracked by the football, as well as my desire to finish Darksiders 3.

Going to try and get stuck into the game from tonight. I’m not yet sure about the episodic approach, especially when combined with the GOTY bundle on xbone. For some odd reason, XBONE forced me to download all the individual components separately. I might be missing episodes …


So this happened this morning…


Is that for Paris? I’m guessing from the background