[GameClub] Hitman Season 1



Done with Thailand. Took a long time to set out a plan. Onwards!

Enjoying the sights

What an outfit

Great building and sunlight

My way out. Literally out the front door right next to a policeman.

Final rating is good. No need to redo.


Yeah, sorry, Paris.

Speaking of which, I might be going to Paris end of January. :slight_smile:


Damn, I haven’t gotten through Paris yet.


Busy on Colorado, wow it’s a tricky one to get silent on.


I’m not so good at this.


Not good. But I know where I went wrong. Redo.


Ok got it. Tricky one. Those military guys can see you for miles. Next one now. Last one for the main game I think.

This Jason wannabe guy


“Main game”?! How many missions are in the game? Seems like it’s not all that long…


Yeah, I thought it was just the six DLC’s that were released as Episodes.


Yeah, it is just the six missions (I think), but the replayability of each one and the challenges it presents offers so much more. At least that’s what I believe. Each mission is different with each way you chose to approach it, sure the target remains the same, but execution is different.


Ok done with Japan and the game. Japan wasn’t that bad. Quite fun actually.

Got my Silent Assassin.

I love the briefings

Not a bad view

Hello fishy fishy fishy


Stop perving on the guys 47

I are Yoga Man. Make stretch

Leaving in style

So dramatic Diana

So that’s the main game done. It was great fun and hard work. I’ll do the 2 expansions now. Then I have till the 18th to decide if I want to get Hitman 2. It’s on special till then.


It’s 6 missions but they get more and more hectic as you go. And there are multiple ways to complete them. Then there’s the 2 expansion missions also. So definately getting your money worth.

Edit. There’s the 6 main missions, 4 DLC missions and 6 ‘hit’ contracts


The Source done. Nice twist.

The cult leader phoney

I see you

I spy…

Cool night view


So how long in total to just beat the 6 missions? Even if I just give each a single try?


I play for Silent Assassin so I play quite a while, watching patterns, looking for a gap, so each one took me over 4 hours abouts. The Colorado one took me 2 days of trying things. It was my worst.

If you aren’t worried about killing people then it will be a bit quicker. An hour or 2 each. I found the last one was quick and so far the dlc’s also. But good

Edit. You can see the time taken for each level on the scoresheet. Obviously that’s with lots of reloading games included


Finished The Author now. It was quite tense as it is time sensitive.

Nice lighthouse in the background

Do you think they’ll notice

Outta there!


Nicely done!

I’ve got one mission left that I’ll hopefully complete today. I think I’ll skip Patient Zero. Have too many other games to get to.

Hitman is a good game but not good enough that I’ll consider getting Hitman 2. I prefer games that’s either heavy on story or heavy on atmosphere and Hitman doesn’t offer either. I can just imagine how good the game would have been if they worked on the atmosphere a bit. Currently, it’s … bland. Yes I think bland fits the game perfectly.

It’s a good idea that requires some soul.


And I’m done! :smiley:


Wow, 6 days into the GameClub and people are already completing it… What’s the current record for shortest MyGame / GameClub? Spec Ops: The Line, Transistor or Hitman?


For me it was Spec Ops by far. It took me almost double the time to finish Hitman. However I was still on holiday this week so had more time to play. Work starts tomorrow. :cry: