[GameClub] Hitman Season 1



Think for me it was Transistor. I finished it the same day that the Gameclub started.

I also have to start with this.


Patient Zero finished. Was really good. I liked the story.

Back in Colorado. What a view.

The last one of Patient Zero. It was tense. Very time sensitive.

Time to get out of here

Now to see what The Sarajevo Six is about.


Man I love this game!! Set myself a challenge for this play-through:
Detonation only run. :slight_smile:


Manged to finish the Italian mission last night. I am not very good at this game according to my scores, but that’s okay. My 47 is not the silent assassin that everyone else is playing as. He is a ruthless killer that has an addiction to snapping necks and poisoning drinks of some unsuspected people.

I briefly did a walk around in Marrakesh to scope out the place. Man there are a lot of people in the streets. Found a few opportunities, but 47’s addiction got the better of him and he started snapping necks left and right. That did not end well, so I’ll have to retry the mission on another night.


Finished Paris and killed both targets in Sapienza. But for the life of me, can’t find the entrance to the goddamned lab! Quit in frustration and played Ashen. Will checkout some YT vids to get an idea

The only (personal) hiccup I have is that I find myself constantly save scumming :frowning: anybody else do this also ? how did you get over it ?


I can give you an idea but I’ll put it in spoiler tags in case you don’t want to know.

The entrance to the labs is outside by the infinity pool. If you go down the steps by the pool and around the back you’ll get the door. In case you don’t have the key to it yet, the key is on the desk of the ‘planetarium’ place by the microscope and stuff.
Also, watch out for the camera as you go down the steps of the pool. If you hug the wall you’ll be ok. Otherwise down in the lab you can destroy the recording evidence.

I play each level a few times without worrying about Silent Assassin and just working out how I’m going to deal with the mission, but I replay over and over to fine tune it to get Silent Assassin.


There are multiple ways to get into the lab :slight_smile:



cool, thats good advice, thanks.

I found the entrance door, but couldn’t find the keycard. where is the planetarium ? I assume somewhere outside, near the water ?


@Solitude can i also get in on this! I never finished season 1 and would really like and excuse to do so!


Aren’t you starting to push it now?


Wait…we need @Solitude’s permission to play the Gameclub games?


Nope you just start playing.


I still need to start this :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! it’s too late now.


Fine then

I will sit here and cry in the corner for missing out


/sits in the corner and cries with @Wyvern


It’s right next to the pool. The round part with the dome on top


And done with Marrakech and Thailand!! Marrakech was a cool mission and I feel like I did well. Only killed like 2 other people other than the targets. But Thailand was easy. Got my first silent assassin and only looked the targets. I followed the opportunities and it ended up being very easy. Now on to Colorado.


I’m about to start with the game after my attempt at this week’s DriveClub lap… Did the download this morning.