[GameClub] Hitman Season 1



Finished Colorado last night. Gonna tackle Hokkaido tonight. I figured out that you can track opportunities without first needing to run into them. So you can gt a marker that takes you to the right place, for an opportunity to begin revealing.


HITMAN Season 1 done and dusted :slight_smile:

In hindsight, I wish I had not bothered about the score. I kept save scumming in order to get clean hits. But I played Hokkaido a lot more free and lose, and it was actually way more fun to chuck dead bodies over railings.


I’m having trouble in Sapienza remembering how to destroy the virus suit-only style. My issue is I remember being able to do it via a dongle on a laptop, but thats alllllllll the way back at the church (so tedious). Guess that’s just gonna have to be it (both targets are down already, fibre-wire ftw).


I need to get back to this. Still on Sapienza. Luckily there is a lot of time still left.


I’m still on sapienza.


I did the first 2 training missions, the only thing that irritates my so far is I wish I could change the point of view.


Also completed the training missions and have to start on Paris now. The bit I played was quite fun, but my Destiny addiction got the better of me and I jumped straight back into some Crucible matches.


do you mean like first person? I know theres a button that lets you change the “shoulder” angle, and I know blood money had a 1st person mode…but wow, first person in hitman would be horrendous. the cover system, dragging bodies, hiding in bushes (in hitman 2) etc…theres no way 1st person view would be more fun


I have issues with the angle - I want to see first person :stuck_out_tongue: Yes I am stubborn that way


have you tried playing it with a mouse? :grin: if you use a mouse you can alter the angle, and look up and down and behind him etc!


I am using a mouse, I still havent found a comfortable way to looking


I only finished the first training session over the weekend, but finished it 100% (all challenges done). Will try and get to it some more this coming weekend.


Ok so turns out I found a rock that you can shoot from behind the lab that breaks containment…sadly I never bring my pistol with me (default start is no weapon, fibre wire + lockpick so i can be frisked easy)…

so… guess i’m gonna start over. but this time i’m gonna play on master (1 save) silent assassin suit only (just like first mission)…but i’m gonna complete it a few times first so i at least open up some avenues of starting zones.


I was gonna carry on today but then I started Xenoblade and before I knew it my nephew showed up and babysitting duty began so I haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe tonight.


That sounds tense. Doable, but tense :sweat:


So this is going quite slow. I’m now completely finished with the training facility with only 2 challenges outstanding. The one I suppose I’ll get later in the game while I’m done trying to do the other one. This is a lot of times to be playing the same level over and over.


You can complete a challenge then load just before you did it and do another, at the end of the level both will count. you can do MANY in 1 go that way :slight_smile:

Also. BAM

Master, silent assassin, suit only, decided not to fibre wire only purely for the cool cinematic effect of killing him with knife while he’s watching the VHS tape :smiley:


I dont think I will finish this one, I c an’t seem to get into the game at all


Great thanks, I’ll do that. This first two training levels took me 7 hours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I’ve been replaying the whole level the whole time.


I know what you mean. I keep feeling that I want to switch to something with more action. So I usually switch between this and something else over weekends.