[GameClub] Hitman Season 1



Yeah hitman is weird style game. very slow, methodical (if you play it as intended). I also find myself not able to play it for more than an hour or so at a time (short amount since i consider myself a heavy gamer). But…I DO keep coming back to it.

But definitely a game to play in conjunction with something else, like maybe a large open-world RPG or something. something to go back and forth with as you struggle at a section in each game…


It’s the Destiny crack, I tell you. I really can’t play anything else. As much as I enjoyed the training levels, I can’t get myself to fire the game up again.


Nice challenge. I did not know about this. Bought Hitman 2 but daily grind in Ark is a must. I have not finished a single map in Ark either, after around 1200 hours in game.


And I’m done!! Completed both Colorado and Hokkaido missions today. The Hokkaido one was lots of fun, but a touch challenge. Managed to kill both targets only, and did it via the opportunities. I’m thinking about doing the Patient Zero DLC as well. The game is super fun


I tried yesterday and played 15mins of the Paris mission - yes, they very first one. I didn’t enjoy it one bit… I guess stealth-em-ups aren’t for me. Probably explains why I never played a si gle Hitman game previously and also gave up on Absolution a couple of minutes in.


I’m still stuck (as in I haven’t played for twenty days) on Sapienza.


Congrats @DieGrootHammer!


Yay hammer! So happy you could finish it.


I’m still on Sapienza. Lol.

Xenoblade 2 and Dark Souls are taking up all of my gaming time, and the rest of my time is spent babysitting my nephew everyday after school.


I also played like 30 minutes of Paris but was doing it while being busy with some other things. This weekend was just too hectic to really get to any kind of gaming. Maybe next weekend will be a bit more relaxed.


I’m also on the Paris mission only - I made the mistake of trying out Subnautica and well… I’ve found it hard to tear myself away from that.


I enjoyed that…until it got to base building…dunno, never was a fan of base building games. I lack creativity :slight_smile:


Ya my base is merely functional, just the essentials to enable me to explore further.


People, I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish this one. I spent 10 hours so far this weekend just on Paris and I still haven’t completed all the challenges. It gets a bit much going through the same level the whole time, especially with a slow game like this.

I’ll still try and work through one level every weekend, but I need some more action in the meantime.


You don’t have to complete all the challenges. That’s just torture! :slight_smile:


I hope I can finish this, since I was actually looking forward to playing it again when I voted for it. It’s just so hard to put down Xenoblade Chronicles and play something else.


There’s still a whole month. And since you don’t have to do all the challenges it should be quick.


Yeah a whole month to keep getting more levels and unlocking more characters in Xenoblade. And then I still have to start New Game plus :stuck_out_tongue:


done with gilded cage :slight_smile:


Ok, finished The World of Tomorrow (Sapienza) with level 20 mastery (just to get the better sniper rifle). Now if only I could get my hands on a silenced sniper rifle, that would be so cool.

I misunderstood the comment earlier that you can reload to get achievements. I thought you could load an earlier save and then finish the level to get the achievements, but you can literally just save, perform the action to get the feat / achievement and immediately reload the save. That does save a lot of time. Got like 50,000 experience points on my first finish.