[GameClub] Hitman Season 1



Finished Morocco (well, just the main level). This was the score / achievements of my 2nd playthrough of the level. Also, I did an add-on / extra thingy for this level which FINALLY earned me a silenced sniper rifle.

That I think leaves me with 3 more main levels. Bangkok, Colorado and Japan I think.


Have to try and complete Sapienza today. I went a bit wild on my last attempt and had a massive killing spree in the lab that ended in me dying. :tired_face:


All done :slight_smile:

Decided to push through to the last mission and get as much XP there as possible, as theres an elusive target that ends about 7 hours from now as I type this, and its usually a good idea to have unlocked locations/equipment when you do those :slight_smile:


Nicely done!


Also done. I was curious to see how it ends so I just blundered through the last 2 missions. I did redo Colorado properly up to level 15 mastery but I’ll replay Japan some more next weekend and maybe the Patient Zero and Elusive Target DLCs.
Now it is just a matter of waiting for Hitman 2 to go on special again.


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Finished Sapienza, Morocco and Bangkok. Busy with Colorado now, maybe I can still finish.


I’m still on Sapienza. I haven’t had a chance to sit and play PC for a while. Doubt I’ll get to it in the next 4 days


Last day to try and finish it people!


I didn’t make it. Getting all four guys in Colorado was difficult.


Sorry to hear that @czc