Gameclub Intermission 6 --- Second Earth (ZA Game)

This is GameClub: Intermission, where we play some short games together and talk about them. It’s like a book club for games, where the books are nice and short so you can finish it in no more than a few hours.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. Our first event was reliving the first Lone Wolf gamebook together and it was a tonne of funne.

For the second Gameclub Intermission, I tried having several games for us to play over the course of two weeks, but it didn’t work so well. So back to one game per week!

If you have suggestions for games we should play during GameClub: Intermission , please drop your suggestions in the What should we play? (GameClub: Intermission suggestions) topic. I will take a look at the suggestions, and try to include them in a future event.

This week, I’d like to focus our attention on a game that is in development at Free Lives. The studio is based out of Cape Town and known for its smash hit Broforce. Free Lives has gone on to release games like Genital Jousting and Gorn.

Robbie Fraser at Free Lives is busy working on a base building game called Second Earth, and he has released an alpha version of it to Let’s give it a play and give Free Lives some useful feedback on the game!

What is GameClub?

GameClub is like a book club for games. We get together and play a game (and now: several games) over a specific period. From the start to the finish. Sometimes there are awards that gets displayed on your profile.


We will have until 2019-11-17T21:59:00Z (next Sunday) to finish the Alpha. There’s a point in the demo/alpha when you can just unlock the last few maps — that’s enough to earn you a completion. If you actually complete the last couple of missions, that’ll be “extra credit”.

If at any point your game bugs out and you’re unable to continue, it will still count as a completion if you report the bug in such a way that Robbie can fix it.

The game — Second Earth

Very early prototype of a base-building game by Free Lives.

Congratulations! You have been chosen to start a new life on Proxima Centauri B. You will construct and manage a new resource extraction outpost under the gracious supervision of the Human Mothership. Productive service guarantees citizenship!

You will have to expand your economy and fortify your defences if you are to survive the huge numbers of the alien swarm. We wish you luck and productivity!



I read over this post and it almost sounds sponsored. While I’d love for us to receive payment for stuff like this in future, this is not sponsored. I don’t know Robbie, and he doesn’t know that I’m doing this at all. The idea here is just to for the local community to support a local dev.


Thid looks cool, I will check it out and participate.

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Managed the first mission

Its decent, not my kinda game and I have to admit the roads being one direction only and it takes 10 tries to get them to go in the direction where I want it to go

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Trying to download at the moment. Chrome is telling me 23 hours :joy:


Executive decision: I’m going to extend the deadline for finishing the Second Earth alpha until Sunday. So people who tune into the live podcast will have a few days to download and play the game if they want.


The trick to getting the roads to go where you want them to is clicking and dragging. Clicking and dragging over already-built roads doesn’t cost money, I’ve realised.

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yea the clicking and dragging didnt work so well for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tried but I only got through two maps.


I got to the last two maps and then had to stop playing. It’s a pretty interesting little game.

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It definitely has potential. Like a tower defense crossed with a city builder.