Most Epic Podcast 0.2 sign-ups and planning

Continuing the discussion from The MEW Podcast:

I saw y’all necro’ing topics to demand cheer “Encore!” for the podcast. So let’s have it! I’ve also decided that calling the last podcast “1.0” was optimistic. I think we should revert to the “0” major version number and call this one the third episode of the first (alpha) season, hence 0.2. I’ll renumber the previous one if everyone is in agreement.

Based on feedback from previous polls, I think we should try and record the MEW Podcast on a Friday. Next week Friday works for me, because I should be back from AfricaCom then.

Most Epic Podcast 0.2 details

Most Epic Podcast 0.2
When 2019-11-15T17:00:00Z2019-11-15T18:00:00Z
Where Most Epic Discord
Who ???
What This is a podcast
How With the magic of the Internet

Let the sign-ups and suggestions begin!

We already have a title and first topic suggestion from @Sweepslag: “Most Epic Podcast episode 2.0 — Fistbumps and Frustrations: Emoticons Run Amok”


  • Available as guest
  • Available as editor
  • Available as member of the “live studio audience” (listen in, participate in peanut gallery in Discord text chat)
  • Available as moral support (downloader / listener)

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Topic ideas

Duration Time Topic Opinionated persons
5min 19:00 Intro @SIGSTART
5min 19:05 Why can’t I fistbump on MEW? @SIGSTART
10min 19:10 Blizzard, Hong Kong, and Blizzcon 2019 ALL?
10min 19:20 ALL THE REMASTERS @Sweepslag
10min meh. Games you looked forward to, but there has been no news for a very long time ALL
10min 19:30 Gameclub: Second Earth @SIGSTART
15min 19:40 Spotlight: Star Citizen @Sweepslag, @GregRedd
10min 19:55 Name that game!: Theme TBD ALL
2min 20:05 What’s happening on MEW @SIGSTART
1min 20:07 END / Outtro @SIGSTART

Runner — Google doc

“Runner” is what South Africans call the run-down, for all you Americans who might come across this one day.


Hey, I named a thing!

Assume you’re looking for more topic ideas to fill up the hour?


Sure! I can come up with them easily, but having everyone involved will be much more interesting.


This is a significantly important issue for the sanity and blood pressure levels of many MEWBs and deserves more than 5 mins on the programme! We want insight! We want answers! But most importantly, we want solutions!!




Its still not fixed!!!


OK, some possibilities. I would like to participate in the following segments at some point (if not for this show, then a future one):

  • A quick overview of Star Citizen (i.e. we talk about it for the whole hour), because I’m obsessed and want everyone to love it as much as I do. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • A discussion about the classic game remasters currently in the works (C&C, AoE Definitive, WarCraft 3 Reforged, etc), maybe with some comment about how everyone feels about remasters in general.

Those all sound good! I can’t promise an hour on Star Citizen, though :stuck_out_tongue:


Fine, fine… I’ll take whatever you give me. Will need to stick to a very condensed overview though, otherwise I’ll just ramble on forever.

If you do decide to include it as a topic, @GregRedd should probably sit in too, if he’s willing.


And just like that, we have a show!

@Entity once suggested that we should consider a nice light-hearted segment. Like a game the play in another gaming podcast where they guess a game based on screenshots. In our case, it’ll be music and sound effects. Like Noot vir Noot for gaming! :rofl: Not sure about the copyright implications, but I’m sure if we keep the clips 7 seconds or less we’ll be fine.

^^ This is what “Name that game!” will be.

I’ll set up a Google doc for us at some stage so we can make notes about what we want to talk about.

@DieGrootHammer: You’ve done a few of these now. Do you want to be the official co-host of MEP0.2?


Dude I’ll be happy to do that!!! That would be awesome to co-host


Yeah, but nah. Not unwilling, just unable to commit to being available. (Insert mandatory “That’s what she said!”)

If I can, will definitely be in the chat to harass you with all the FUD questions I can :stuck_out_tongue:.



Also a note to myself: This is the second time @Entity has volunteered to edit the podcast for us and we must do a proper shout-out for him. In the intro when we’re introducing our guests, and in the outtro when we’re doing our thank-yous.


I agree!! He did such a good job on the first one, we should do a shoutout at the beginning, and perhaps have an after-word like credits where he gets a massive shoutout


Will probably suck at this, but oh well.


I’ll try and have lines of dialogue as well.

If anyone has ideas for a theme for “Name that game!”, please let me know.


You do realise that is gonna turn into a 15min discussion . . .


I’ll keep him in check, otherwise there’s less time for important topics.


Thats what she said.

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So who decided to make the podcast on the same day as Jedi Fallen Order???


When is that doc going up?