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Update: Since we’re publishing the Discord’s link publicly now, there’s no reason to really have a topic for requesting access. Changed this to a general discussion about the Discord. Here’s the unlimited invite to the channel with the Welcome message:

This thread is a place to request invites to the MEW Discord Server (currently the soon to be renamed MyGaming server).

Having introduced yourself to the community here (Introduce yourself) simply announce your intentions to join our Discord server, and one of our gallant forumites will supply an invite link.

Happy gaming!


How dont we have you on discord yet?

ok wait. Is this the old one that is being rebranded or a new one?

We are rebranding the old one as far as I know

Ok then im good. Please ignore my request.

Sorry, should have mentioned it will soon be renamed.

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Would love to join. I was in the MYG server before.

It still is the myG one

I will need a new invite though :wink:


lol Will do so tonight if I have you as a friend or send it on here

So, I had to google “discord” to see what this is about. I would like to join

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Here you go; it lasts for 24 hours.

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Not sure if I am on the MEW Discord yet. Gooi me an invite link someone please

*or wait nvm. Is it just the old MyG one still?

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As far as I know it’s still the old MyGaming one. It has the new MEW logo on it. Otherwise there’s a non expiring invite floating around deep in a thread on here. That’s how I got on :slight_smile:


Saw the Rhino just now on my discord. So all is well again


gooi invite this way asemblief

For those watching this topic, there have been some changes to the Discord as per this request:

Here’s the basic summary:


Getting this when clicking on the Spongebob SquarePants article in discord.

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Still happening getting 404 when clicking on the articles in discord.

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Same, when clicking discord link it goes to this address:

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