Games with a strong D&D vibe or mechanics

Lately, I’ve been getting deeply invested in Critical Role’s Campaign 3 of D&D. This is the first time I’ve spent any significant time seeing D&D in action and getting invested in the world, the lore and the game mechanics. And while it is virtually impossible for me to get into a D&D game myself due to time limitations, perhaps the world of gaming can scratch that itch in the mean while.

So, as a hardcore RPG noob, I was wondering if the community has any games to suggest. Games that are similar in mechanics or setting or feel of a typical D&D game. I’ve read some articles about it and realise that proper D&D implementation is probably not possible in a game, but surely some games come close. What are some of the suggestions for such games?


neverwinter nights? pathfinder wrath of the righteous? We are literally doing the wrath of the righteous campaign on pen and paper :slight_smile:


I believe Divinity: Original Sin a good attempt recently.

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To show you how out of touch I am, I’ve never in my life even heard of this game, but it looks very promising. But holy damn it’s expensive!! Further investigating is needed for this one.

This is something I’ve heard as well. Is there any real issue starting with Divinity: Original Sin 2 over 1, or should I start with the first one?

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If it’s more modern games you looking for, there is also the original Pathfinder: Kingmaker (quite cheap) and Baldurs Gate III (early access and not yet complete).

Its probably also worth noting that Pathfinder is not technically DnD rules, but its own system based off of version 3.5 of the DnD rules.


It’s currently on 20% off sale on Epic Games, at R560, but only until 6PM tonight. If you haven’t used your newsletter subscriber coupon yet, you’ll get an additional R160 off the price, so could grab it for R400.

I haven’t played Wrath of the Righteous, but Pathfinder: Kingmaker is well worth it. It uses modern D&D rules, and it really captures the spirit of playing a pen and paper campaign with friends. It was free on Epic a couple of months ago, so you might already have claimed it.

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They made quality of life improvements in the 2nd so that might dampen your enjoyment of the 1st if you go back to it.

Dude!!! Now you can get me going hardcore!

We have been playing DnD for the last few months using nothing but Discord, and Hilarity!

As for video games, you have to check out:

Divinity Original Sin (feel free to start at the 2nd game. It is the best of the two games and even though some of the lore might not be covered, I never felt like I did not know what was going on and all questions answered by the end :wink:

Baldurs Gate 3 - I have not played this yet, but it is essentially Original Sin in the DnD universe. High on my wishlist!

Wildermyth - if you are more into the stories of DnD than the stats, then play this. Looks so simple, but has surprising depth and a wild way to bring random stories to life.

Pathfinder - I have the one they gave away on Epic, but have not played it and have never played any Pathfinder games (table top nor video games) but there is a lot of respect for the Pathfinder universe among DnD players, and the ruleset is similar enough to make an easy transision (again, heresay)

Pillars of Eternitty and Tyranny - Games in the traditional Baldurs’ Gate mold, made by Obsidian.

I would suggest you try Original Sin first, AMAZING experience!


I’m not sure you’ve got the right link there…

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.rodeo? Ja, definitely not clicking that!

I did not enjoy the first Divinity Original Sin at all. Actually read a Reddit thread the other day where someone wrote a lengthy piece on why they didn’t like either of the two games.

But it’s also the game that I recommend you start with.

After that I have many suggestions!

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Start with DoS2. That’s the closest you’ll get to DnD until Baldur’s Gate 3 comes out of early access.
DoS you can play with friends, which is GREAT. It also has a Game Master mode where one person is basically the DM (as I understand it, we haven’t tried it yet)

I haven’t played the Pathfinder games but I guess they could be fine as well. Pathfinder is basically watered down DnD

So it seems Divinity: Original Sins 2 should be my first port of call for that D&D itch I have. There have been so many specials of the game at a greatly reduced price so I’m tempted to wait until it’s on special again to pick it up.

Strangely, going through the games on Steam, I find that many of them I’ve added to my Ignore list, as these are just not atypical games I’ve played in the past. While I am sceptical that I would enjoy them, I am very willing to give it a go.

Those that have played Divinity: doesn’t D:OS2 have great drop in/drop out co-op mechanics? We might be able to do a group playthrough…

I love CRPG’s myself but for some reason Divinity OS (1&2) just don’t click with me.

I would recommend Pillars of Eternity 1&2, Pathfinder Kingmaker (has some management mechanics you should enjoy as well), Tyranny, Torment Tides of Numenera or Solasta: Crown of the Magister (IIRC its in Game Pass).

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Those are the same ones I would recommend.

I loved Torment: Tides of Numenera to bits. But it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.


The co-op is great. I’ve done one playthrough with Talentloos and busy with another one now with a mate that recently bought it

I have Solasta installed (yes from Game Pass) and it is on the “come on just play it already” list.

If you want to do a co-op in any of the games that support, even on a whim, lemme know!

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