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Dont see a deals thread anywhere

for those interested if you follow the instructions i posted on mygaming there are about 13 hours left on these deals (requires xbox live gold for the exact discount prices im posting) remember a thousand ruble card is about R250 so with one card you can either buy forza horizon 3 or you can buy 2 games whichever comes in at under 1000 rubles together

you can still pick up Forza horizon 3 (Standard Edition) (play anywhere) for R247 (instead of R459.50) on the russian xbox store and Quantum break (PC version, does not appear to be a play anywhere title) for R85 (instead of R234.50 on the SA Xbox Store)

Doom is R142.76 (instead of R267.33) and Recore (definitive edition) (play anywhere) R76.15 (instead of R254.75)


for all the racing fans out there

humble bundle codemasters racing bundle


Thanks I just grabbed the $1 one - for f1 race stars :smiley:


Also wondering whether I should pick it up or not. Been on a racing-binge recently with the fantastic Forza Horizon 3 that @DohcWP helped me source for so cheap. I even considered buying Forza Motorsport 7 on the store, but I saw it only worked out around R30 cheaper compared to the ZA store, excluding the PayPal fees. So I’ll wait for the price on that one to drop a bit more in the future.


Doom 2016 for $9.99


The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is free on Humblebundle


Recore (xbox play anywhere) is R96 on the russian MS site

just buy a 500 ruble russian xbox live gift card for $8.25 (R112.80) and redeem it to get the game (same technique used previously to get forza horizon 3)

it will be over R200 cheaper than what it cost on the Local Windows store


forza 7 is hot news but if you dont have the cash for that, forza 6 is is ons special for R225 on Cd keys at the moment and it has Toyota’s :grin:


Bridge Constructor Dollar Bundle


Woot! Early unlock for Humble Monthly is Civ VI! Can’t wait to start playing it… Just a bit disappointed about the other “high profile” unlocks for January, being Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs (both of which I already own). Guess I can gift them to someone…


NBA LIVE 18: The One Edition is $7.50 (about R93) on the us xbox store (you can buy it with a voucher or with a vpn and your CCard/paypal if you are set to that region)

if you dont want to go throught the hassle then its R163 on the SA store

NB* NBA 2k is still the better title however


Dues Ex Mankind Divided $7.99 on the Australia Xbox Store (Roughly R76.39 in our currency)

you will probably need buy a 10 Aus dollar voucher to get it (seagamer is pretty reliable with their vouchers, based on personal experience)


Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour is $5 on the us xbox store, you can use a $5 gift card or a VPN to grab it, make sure to use an address from a tax free us state when making the purchase (some states charge tax seperately on video games).


For those that still don’t have these Rockstar games, this is a really good bundle.


Don’t see a group for this already, but if not, use this for all specials and discounts worth knowing about.

First up, the Steam Lunar sale (yep, new excuse for a sale) until 19 February. Discounts on almost everything.


EA Publisher Sale on Xbox (here are some standout deals)

Battlefield 4/hardline bundle R75

Dragon age inquisition R75

Mirrors Edge Catalyst R87.25

NBA Live 18 (The inferior basketball competitor) R97.35



Tyd Wag Vir Niemand is now on sale on Steam



Somehow I got onto Square Enix’s mailing list. Nier Automata is on special until 14 March.


Forza Horizon 3 and 2 bundle R277 on the Russian Xbox store

since the instructions on mygaming will probably be lost soon, here it is again, remember a 1000 ruble card might not be enough for this title !!! so you’ll probably need another small one as well.

Go to sea gamer and buy a 1000 ruble gift card for about 16 dollars (i paid via paypal as i didnt want to enter my card details on a site i didnt know)

once i got the voucher when you click on the pay for the game button (i used the google translate camera feature on my phone which instantly translates the russian text to english when you point your phones camera to the screen)

at the payment dialogue there is 3 options first one is your credit card, which wont work, second one is owly,qowly or whatever which i dont know, third one translates to activate card (which is for the gift car)

once you enter the 25 digit card your ms account will be credited with 1000 rubles, you can then click to buy the game and another dialogue will pop up with boxes that needs to be filled (those boxes are for a russian address) you need a russian address to bay for the game (so i did the same when i buy games from other regions on the xbox) i entered the address on the radisson hotel in moscow and clicked on the blue button again and the game is now in my possession.

instructions video