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Thanks to your brilliant tips and guide I managed to score Horizon 3 for PC earlier this year. I already managed to complete the game (not 100% it, only up to the final showcase event) and did most of the barn finds and most of the roads. Would’ve loved to play Horizon 2 as well, but sadly I don’t own an XBOX.


Humble Bundle is running an IGF Awards sale

Cuphead is 24% off, Hollow Knight is 41% off, and Tacoma 55% off. There are a few other games as well.


Not sure if this is a pricing error but you can get the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Collector’s Edition
for R245 which is cheaper than the standard game (R319)


Prey for R225





Metro redux R65


The vanishing of ethan carter R55 pc


Helldivers on steam 50% off R150


Assassins Creek Origins 40% off on Humble Bundle. $36


A ton of games on playstation on sale

The Official PlayStation Thread

Middle Earth: Shadow of War PS4 on R404


Overwatch Game of the year edition PC on cdkeys. R407.59



Battlefield Revolutuin on Origin for R316.65


Get your wallets ready people, the Steam Summer Sale is starting 21 June


Easy to ignore this year, I dont need any more games right now


Said no one ever…


Still a while away, so enough time to decide whether I have spare funds or not. Reality is that I probably don’t… I’d much rather drop money on a special for Battlefront 2 (I loved the first and just want to experience more of it).


Screw it, I’m gonna get Dirt 4. It’s on special. Never had a dirt game.


Still waiting a while before I grab it. I love the Dirt and Grid games though. I caved and bought the Driveclub Bikes expansion for R99. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: