Gaming Screenshots Thread


the xbox website seems to scale all the images to 1350x759


yes its a ferrari, i just preferred the Benetton renault mild seven colorscheme


Some old screenshots from FUEL


installed project cars, handled like crap, took a screenshot, uninstalled it

The Division is one really damn good looking title on the Xbox One X


This is 15 Orionis A from a distance of 12 000 Ls (Light seconds) and it has a solar radius of 8.2, which means it has 16 times the diameter of the Sun. For perspective, the Sun is 499 Ls away from Earth (average distance).

This is Betelgeuse from a distance of 12 000 Ls. It has a solar radius of 640.4. This is the start of a project I’m doing for myself in Elite: Dangerous.

This is my Python with a Pirate Skin. I think it looks amazing. That is all, for now.


Yeah, this is a really good looking game. Even though it failed to live up to the initial demos and presentations, the atmosphere, detail and art direction of the game still blow me away. I’m incredibly amped to get more time with the game, even though I only did 2-3 hours of the trial. Destiny 2 has now consumed me though…



Found a black hole in Elite: Dangerous

It is a very tiny one, I could get to within 1.5km of it and probably closer still if I wanted to. It creates some really cool effects when you start to get close to it and line it up with nebulas in the background.


Some more FM7 goodness:




A little quiet in this thread. Does no-one take screenies anymore? Too busy playing the game, I suppose?! Too immersed in your make-believe worlds to stop and click a button, I suppose? Well bah humbug to that I say!

Couple of arty things from the Forza Horizon Demo:


havent had much time to game lately but this weekend i played some FH3 and took this capture


Couple of snaps from my first session with FH4 last night. Need to spend some time playing with the Photomode settings. Looks pretty good straight out the gate though:


And a couple more from FH4 of my sweet new Ferrari 812 Superfast:

Also worked out that you can title the camera and then rotate the image 90-degrees to get a neat portrait orientation:


Dem red mags though… The spoiler is a bit over the top.


Halo 5 Guardians, i know people have issues with the story of the game, but im enjoying it, its not bad just different from the halo campaigns we are used to.

who doesnt love Nathan Fillion in 4K @Wyvern


Whaddup Castle! Or is that Mal?


Forza Horizon 4 on PC


That last screenshot is amazing! Which car is that?