Gaming Screenshots Thread


Ridiculously good looking game.


The more I see of this game, the more I’m keen to play it. Pity that it is sooo expensive (talking from a Steam discount and bundle sale perspective).


It’s the Aston Martin Vulcan FE. Won it in a Wheelspin. It’s magnificent, probably my favorite car in the game so far.


Agree it costs many coin. Thank heavens for XBox Game Pass. Without it, I wouldn’t be playing the game now but would be waiting for it to go on sale in 9-12 months time as well.

Forza Horizon 4

Some FH4 shots on PC… as seen elsewhere on this forum… now in the right place :wink:


And one more from me from FH4:

Set up a FH4 Flickr Album for all the full sized goodness in one place, in a very nice gallery display layout.)


The night is darkest just before sunrise.

Just pretty!


I don’t wanna be left out…


And more, because I finally found where my photos are saved:

The Bugatti is a monster!!

My douchebag enjoying the English countryside in a classic

The best Subaru is a flying Subaru


Terrific shots Hammer! Those are from XBox One X Enhanced version?


Yes it’s on Xbox One X set at 4K. I haven’t tried the performance mode yet, because the game is just so beautiful at 4K, and performance is super stable


Since everyone’s just posting car pics, I offer you a bit of variety.

These are a few shot I took while travelling from the new Rest Stop station back to Crusader. They’ve increased the size of the star at the centre of the system; it’s absolutely enormous now.



Is that light-speed?


It’s quantum travel, which is more or less 0.2c.


Really looks great. And those fps counts! Nice.

Have eventually managed to catch up on all the CitizenCon videos they’ve released so far, and am really happy with the work they showed. Waiting for live release, maybe even the vaunted 3.3.5 to go have a look around again.


The performance improvement is something to behold. Understandably this build is quite buggy, with all the major tech changes under the hood, but man, once they’ve cracked this OCS thing… It’s going to be amazing.


Watch Dogs 2 - Sunset over San Francisco bay




The Stanton star has grown quite a bit, making sunsets / sunrises even better looking.