Geek hobbies other than gaming

We’ve had discussions that we want to have this site broaden its focus to other geek related culture, other than gaming. So share with us, what other geeky, nerdy things are you into? Maybe you will even find kindred spirits already on the site. Maybe you get to know about something you may not have known about.

I’ll start:

My main hobbies outside of gaming are either sport related (playing golf and action cricket) and photography. Although photography can be geeky in some way, I’ve found its not really within geek culture.

What I do like, however, is Worldbuilding. This is the act of building fantasy/dystopian/multidimensional worlds, filled with its own lore, cultures, politics, land masses, maps, history and the like. I don’t do it for anyone or anything other than myself. It’s something I’ve recently gotten into after reading a post on the r/worldbuilding subreddit. Never knew something like that even existed! But the tools and material available about worldbuilding are amazing. Its something I definitely see myself getting into more and more.


I have quite a few hobbies, ranging from hiking,cycling i like to design and modify thats one of my biggest passions be it on a computer screen or something physical, i also do tropical fishkeeping and i recently developed an interest in gardening. Im also trying to collect consoles i have when i recieve my xbone x at the end of the month i will have 7 consoles in my collection

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Damn that’s imppessive!! Do you have any of the Nintendo mini consoles that launched recently, like the NES Classic or SNES classic?

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no, i havent considered getting any of those

what i have is

my original slim PSONE which still works (i need to replace the laser assembly as it gives read errors after a while) with its original box and packaging and everything that came with it including the demo one disc.

An Original Fat ps2 with a ps2 network adapter and 250gig hard drive, i had to soft mod it to lengthen the lifespan of the laser since dual layer games ie gt4 started giving read errors.

A slim Ps3 that just died (i need to replace that baby)

Nintendo wii - an original launch one that has gamecube support - one of my favourite consoles that i tend to use alot. (with box)

my original launch 360 (technically a swapout since the original rrod’d) but they only swapped the console with a falcon hdmi model and nothing else. (with box and everything that came with it)

My slim 360 which i won on mygaming in 2011. (with box and everything that came with it)

Xbox one X - coming soon

and i need to get my hands on a dreamcast again, that was one of my favourite consoles, i sold it back then cause i couldnt find any games for it, probably one of the worst mistakes i made, if i spot a good one on ebay im definately getting me one again.

Ps i also still have my clone nes from the 90’s somewhere but no accessories ie powersupply cables etc


My hobbies have always been outdoors like shooting, hiking, fishing and the like.
I have only really started being interested in geek culture, but havent started.
I love vaping, keeps me busy in the evenings making coils and juices


Paging @Wyvern @Talentloos @MalicE…we’ve got another one here. ONE OF US!! ONE OF US!!!

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@Wyvern showed me the rabbit hole. I jumped in

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Goobble gobble goobble gobble.

Does smoking weed count as a hobby?

I don’t do anything. I have the occasional weekend away. I think the closest thing to a hobby for me is watching NFL and playing fantasy football. Other than that I sit on the couch and either play games or watch a movie.

Hah. I also vape but I don’t build my own coils yet.

I roll with this baby:

And an Aspire Nautilus 2 tank.

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I am totally jelly and will demand a vaping thread in the off topic section
That steampunk Tesla is still one of my secret wants - even if I have heard bad things it is just so pretty!

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It’s not bad. Just a little underpowered (120W max), maybe.

I dont vape! Is that a hobby in itself?

I love Lego! Yes, Lego in itself is kinda geeky, but when you have two little girls your Lego collection changes colour to a more pastel pink and blue and purple, rather than the more traditional primary colours. I also think building with Lego and PLAYING with Lego are two distinct categories… Building enforces creativity and imagination where playing works a whole different part of the imaginative brain matter…

The only real non-geeky hobby is also 4x4 off-roading. I only have a Ford Ranger so the Land Cruiser guys always laugh at me, but the excitement of crawling up steep cliffs and down steeper ravines really gets my juices going! I took off the R on the back flap so I actually drive a Ford Anger. That always gets a laugh!

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Please make one Ms Moderator.


I made one :smirk::smirk:

I’ll have you know good sir that I do not partake in the millennial trend of “vaping”. My longs have been untarnished for nearly 5 years now.

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Bwha ha ha ha ha ha. Poor guy. Driving a Ford. Must be tough.

I’m just joking dude. Honest question tho, how did you start? And how to you get it over your heart to do it to your main bakkie? I am way too scared with doing it with my mine. I was thinking of getting a second hand one that I don’t have to worry about.

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Does this count as a geek hobby?

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Naw for me that is more than enough :smiley:

No. Larping is fucked.

I just fucking knew you’d make that comment

Larpy intuition?