Ghost Recon Breakpoint

you don’t press buttons for cover…

Try what we did in Wildlands. One grabs a “target”, the other F’s off a good distance then snipes in the direction of your partners marker. Then he talks you through where your bullets land, until you hit the guy he’s holding

iirc I got a 6km snipe that way in Wildlands. Naturally you’ll need a beefy rifle


Dai prone cover wanneer jy hide van planes en drones

ooooh prone. probeer net begin sprint

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Ek hoor die donners te laat lol

My review


When you reach Gearscore 180+ and are with others with the same or higher score, we blatantly want the drone to detect us.

You guys know you can track your stats etc through an official site: <-- Noobness


Like, for realsies? The part about Napoleon is confusing me…


This game has to have one of the worst attempts at a South African accent I have heard in a long time


Oh, this game and the attention to detail is amazing. Big 5.5GB patch for PC today. Aparently the consoles patches are bigger, up to 10GB.

Things that are buggy:

  1. Base jumping
  2. Drones after playing PVP
  3. AI is dumb

Things that I hope they add:

  1. More wild animals and dangerous ones. Yes, we have elements of Division 2 and AC Odyssey already, give us some Farcry too.
  2. Personal wish from my Ark experience - Wild and dangerous Dinos :smiley:

I really wanted to join the military after school, but ermm…no. lol, in my naivety I even applied to the US army :laughing:

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I was blown away by the game last night, got a chopper and started going nuts blowing up stuff. As I flew causing mayhem and destruction, the sun had started to set and maaaaaaaannnn does it look awesome. I recorded a vid, will upload later if loadshedding permits it tonight.

Again, I like how you can take on some of the battles depending on your mood. Some smaller camps you can outright assault, laying waste with a LMG. Or you can go in ninja like or even just pick them off from afar.

Doesnt work for bigger bases though, can get pretty hectic.

The AI sometimes makes me go wtf? I was in a tower, with a roof over me. They lobbed bombs at me, but it fell on the roof, neither did they try to get up the stairs. I lay still for a while after which they “lost” me. Got bored and plinked them off one by one.


Looks like I forgot to link the video


Patch incoming, expect around 9GB again.


Hi all,

Babbelbekkie (Talk alotin Afrikaans) is looking for fun, helpful, friendly GHOSTS to join us for daily adventures in Breakpoint.

Our Discord is full of people from all over the world - so long you are able to chat via mic and play nicely with others - you are welcome.

Pop by and come say hi.


Man I’d love to join you guys but Imma have to wait for that thing to go on a good special :frowning:


30 Euro atm


"To give players more freedom in their appearance options, players are now able to change their gender and face selection at any time in the Customization menu." <— wth? They only list 2 genders! I am so offended by this! How dare they assume my gender to be one of those!?



Ugh, that’s a good price. But still a bit rich for my blood at this point

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50% for this week.