GOG Galaxy 2.0

New version of gog galaxy coming. Lots of interesting new features.


Yeah I read it this morning as well. I was wondering how long it would be before someone creates the “One launcher to rule them all”. Might be good for GOG to have more people staring at their ecosystem on a frequent basis, as the might be able to push more sales via their store that way.

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So… Are they saying you can import stuff from your Steam library or other launchers (Battle.net, Origin etc) as well? I don’t see that being mentioned specifically, just “cross platform”.

From what I understand the idea is you can import from the other platforms,even console. Friends lists,playtime,achievements,ect Only limitation on console is you can’t launch the games from the launcher, obviously. But they claim the other platforms you can launch the games from gog.

Interesting. I woudn’t mind having everything together in a single library; having multiple launchers is annoying.

While you’re waiting for this have a look at Playnite - Video Game Library Manager.

Open source one-person app that does a fair bit of this stuff already. You can import libraries from Bethesda, Epic, GOG, itch.io, Origin, Steam, Twitch and Uplay. (Some only import installed games, most will find uninstalled as well.)

Win10 games installed as UWP will also get picked up, you can also search for specific .exe game files that you may have installed outside of any of the clients, and can also add games manually (I use this last option for Xbox games.)

It operates as a installer and launcher for most of the clients, and allows you to view and sort your libraries in a number of different ways. You can also add custom categories and tags to your games to take sorting even further. Layouts and looks are also themeable and customisable. But the deafualt views and look works for most.

List View:

Covers View:

Details View:


Import popular libraries

Link games from Steam, Origin, GOG, Battle.net and Uplay services, including games that are not installed! Windows Store (UWP) games are also supported.

Emulation support

Playnite supports a wide variety of console emulators.


Playnite’s look can be fully customized, from simple color changes to complete layout re-designs.


Playnite can be extended with plugins (written in .NET languages) or by scripts (PowerShell and IronPython are currently supported).

Fullscreen mode

Fullscreen mode with full controller support is available.

Playtime counter

Playnite tracks your time in-game (any game including emulated ones) and can also import your play times from Steam and GOG.


Playnite’s user interface is fast and light on resources, even with large libraries.


Playnite can run from portable storage with the option to configure the database location for automatic sync via services like DropBox or Google Drive.

Completely Free

No Playnite features are locked behind a paywall and the complete source code is available under the MIT license.


Playnite doesn’t store any user information. It stores the same amount of information as a web browser when linking accounts (cookies).

igdb.com integration

Playnite can automatically download metadata for all of your games, including custom ones (covers, descriptions and other information).


That’s pretty cool @GregRedd!

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seeing that makes me feel like playing pagan again

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Ultima 8? What a great game that was…

I already have a launcher for all my games. Its called “Desktop” :blush:

On a serious note, the idea of one launcher kicking off all my games with details about the games etc sounds like a good plan!


One launcher to rule hem all? That exists doesn’t it?


So, with GOG Galaxy adding missing features that Epic doesn’t have, does this mean that GOG is helping out Epic by having them?

Gog can’t save them from not having a shopping cart…

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I signed up for the beta; haven’t heard anything as yet.


Just got an email inviting me to the GOG Galaxy 2.0. I kinda forgot about it until the mail popped up. This also reminded me of @GregRedd’s Playnite :wink:

I will give them both a try as my desktop is a mess.


Lucky you. I also signed up but have yet to hear anything.

Let us know how it works.


I just got my invite! Yay!

Not sure how “closed” this closed beta is; if it’s allowed I will gladly share some thoughts and screenshots etc.


you can talk about it as much as you want :smiley:


And tell them to hurry the heck up. Or send more invites out already!

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