Grim Dawn (i.e. the REAL Diablo 2 sequel)

Anybody else here play Grim Dawn? I first played it many moons ago when I downloaded a “trial version”. But I instantly loved it, so bought it on Steam. Played quite a bit and then got side-tracked by other games.

I was playing Divinity 2 recently, and it actually made me long to properly play Grim Dawn, as i find the combat and pacing of GD to me more my style.

Anyways, I believe there is some DLC coming in Q19 and wondering how the new DLC, as well as the current Ashes DLC, fits in with teh game. Is it linear (i.e. follows on from after main campaign) ? Or is it interwoven ? Debating whether or not to start a new game now…or wait till the DLC hits


No idea regarding the DLC, but i’m 100% sure it was a MyGame of the month either this year or the last, so many people here have played it

(still have my HC character, too scared to try the “optional” bosses on the ‘legendary’ playthrough)

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The last DLC was linear, you had to have completed the first main campaign.

Grim Dawn was one of our Game Clubs (MyGame). Which shows why people should join us. You haven’t nominated games or joined us yet @Hiro

We hope to see you there.


Ashes of Malmouth is pretty cool, although I haven’t really played much of the actual expansion content yet, I only tried out the two new classes briefly. I was looking forward to the Necromancer so much, but in the end I didn’t really enjoy him that much (although apparently he only gets really decent from about level 40 onwards). The inquisitor is a great class though. Especially if you like dual wielding guns.

Hmm, I reckon it’s high time I get back into this and actually get to the expansion.


sounds awesome! Will definitely look into this

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The guilt trip is real :frowning: Soli, you know that I hardly ever use my Spreadsheet Simulator for gaming. I can’t, in good conscience, nominate any PC game when I cannot be sure I have the commitment to play it.

But I’m gonna give GD a chance, coz i can use a controller :slight_smile: Diablo 3 on console was amazing with a controller, hoping to recapture that magic with GD


It doesn’t have to be a pc game. You can nominate 3 console games. Many of the games are available on multiple platforms. Like Hitman and many of the others.


If memory serves it’s the only class that can dual wield guns from the start without needing an artifact or something first.

Also has some cool “magic” abilities.

this site is your friend for build planning : (press s to view the classes and skills, same as in-game)


It was a good gameclub too.


Back then it was still a MyGame…


Have they fixed the mutliplayer lagging issues yet? That was all that I hated.

The last time I played with Sean (quite a while back now) we didn’t have any real issues

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Started this up again last night. Got my Inquisitor to level 23, really fun class. I enjoy the combination of dual wielded guns and the rune abilities of the class. Works lekker for crowd control. The latest patch also added a search bar to the devotion screen which is really helpful, because devotion is confusing as hell.


New expansion dropping next week.

Copy pasta from steam page:

  • Enter the Shattered Realm – a brand new game mode will have you face off against Cairn’s foes in ever more challenging shards of an unstable reality. Earn unique rewards and mountains of loot!

  • A New Class Mastery – smite your foes with a divine new mastery: the Oathkeeper, which can be combined with the other Masteries, raising the total number of combinations to a staggering 36!

  • Rune Augments – Apply a new category of enchantments to your Medals, unlocking powerful mobility skills available to all masteries, including Leap, Teleport and more.

  • A Massive Story Chapter – Journey beyond the remnants of the Erulan Empire to dangerous new lands teeming with forbidden secrets. Battle alongside the Witch God cults to vanquish the rising threat of a forgotten god.

  • New Environments – Discover foreboding deserts, explore lush oases, survive the heat of a land ravaged by a god’s burning rage, witness the wonders of the Eldritch Realm itself.

  • Difficulty Merits – Embrace new challenges by starting the game on Elite or Ultimate difficulty from the very beginning by purchasing Difficulty Merits for your new characters!

  • Transmutation – Visit the Inventor to reroll your duplicate Set Items to create new Set Pieces from the same set or entirely different sets.

  • Four Factions – Align yourself with one of the three Witch God cults and face off against Eldritch Horrors serving a forgotten power.

  • 9 Constellations – Unleash the powers of forgotten gods with 9 new Devotion Constellations that offer even more ways to traverse Grim Dawn’s massive celestial tapestry.

  • Collect Hundreds of New Items - Dozens of new Monster Infrequents and Hundreds of Epic and Legendary items are waiting to be added to your collection, including sets exclusive to the game’s Roguelike dungeon and the Shattered Realm!

  • Expanded Stash – Protect your precious wealth with an additional Personal and Transfer Stash Tab.

  • New Nemesis and Super Bosses – The Eldritch Realm houses terrors beyond imagining. Face off against its nemesis for unique loot. Uncover the secrets of the Korvan Basin and unleash a supremely powerful foe.


As a long standing fan of this game, I will be getting this, probably not on release though. Patches make the gaming heart happier over time.

I really want it as well and will also definitely pick it up at some point. I still have to play the first expansion though.

What’s weird is that it doesn’t have a price on steam.

Another Epic timed exclusive then? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is here


I have to get most of the expansions still