Hamburgers: The greatest (and worst) IN THE WORLD

In this episode of Most Epic Win Reviews: Hamburgers!

Considering recent discussions in #off-topic (which will be moved in below), I can’t believe we don’t have a thread topic for this already.

The idea is for y’all to post reviews of the best and worst burgers you’ve ever had. We then launch a poll to determine who is the ultimate champion and/or loser. Ideally, the emphasis should be on the best burgers, but I don’t want to close the door to negative reviews.

This OP must then be occassionally updated with a new poll so that we may decree the best burger IN THE WORLD (or at least South Africa) on a semi-regular basis.

Current title holder: (No-one — It’s up for grabs)

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Has anyone seen this:

why would anyone put banana on a burger… I feel like this is worse than pineapple on pizza(which is actually completely acceptable)


Ek stem Wenzie - banana is just evil


I’ll give Rocomamas the benefit of the doubt, because they once launched a limited edition combination I was also sceptical about…

The Crackerjack

The greatest burger ever made: bacon, nacho crumbs, and maple syrup.

T’was a melancholy day when it was removed from their menu. Melancholy indeed.

I think I should do an article about it. Real journalism! Asking the tough questions.


oh that was an awesome burger!

but honestly banana belongs nowhere near meat…ugh, if they wanted a “sweet element” they could have added a berry glaze/sauce and changed the cheese for something stronger like emmental cheese etc.


They didn’t have plantains?

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Review: Pork Crackling Burger at the Crazy Horse in Kimberley

At the recommendation of @TechThief, I went to the restaurant of the Horseshoe Inn in Kimberley (called the Crazy Horse), where I tried their Pork Crackling Burger with chips.

I’ve tried many burgers in my life, and I hesitate to rank the Horseshoe Inn burger above the likes of Royale Eatery, but daaaamn. What an amazing burger!

I don’t know where they get their buns, but they are fantastic. The bun is slightly toastes and then they grate actual cheese onto the burgers. Sweet Chilli Sauce, a single crispy lettuce leaf, and then the main event: pork belly with a generous helping of crackling.

On top of that, the place brings Mrs. Balls chutney to your table as a standard condiment.

I didn’t take any photos, because 'Gramming your food is hipster, and it struck me that the only thing less welcome in the Crazy Horse than a hipster is a Bulls supporter (Griquas Bo!)


I would just like to say that BANANA on cooked food is absolutely delicious!

My local pizza joint is about to add a new pizza called the Oltman Special: bacon, pineapple, chicken, banana. Best. Pizza. Ever.

Will it go on a burger? Heck yes! Replace the dough with a bun and 250g pattie and away you go!

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Can we all agree this should be the standard for a good burger place?



Going through this it seems we all have different tastes.
Right now my fave burger is a homemade work in progress.

Bun - Roestekoek
Patty - 70/30 Chuck/Briskett salt and pepper (ground myself)
Butter - Salted Farm butter from the farmer
Cheese - from above farmer (Gouda)
Sauce - minimal BBq sauce - let the melted butter do the talking


There used to be a place near to where I lived.

Back in the distant past the establishment had a burger & beer night. For R35 you could get a burger, chips, onion rings, and your choice of one of SAB’s finest.

My burger of choice had bacon, cheese, fried egg, and prego sauce. The patty was perfection. It was big. It was messy. It was cheap.

Never will we see it’s like again.


For me it’s RocoMamas M.Y.O. with mozzarella, mushrooms and chilli mayo.

I’m suddenly hungry…


The best burger I’ve ever had is a toss-up between:

The Moo Moo Shroom Cowtoon from Moo Moo
A saucy mushroom burger with an unbelievable burger patty with a sesame seed bun, with emmeral cheese, bbq sause and whole mushroom bits.

The Almighty Brisket from The Thirsty Scarecrow
My word, what a burger. slow roasted BBQ shredded beef, swiss cheese and an amazing home made mayo slaw on a toasted brioche bun.

Those are the best burgers I’ve had so far in my life!


I think I have found one of the worst

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looks pretty good to me

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Pretty much anything at Saints Burger Joint…


Here in Bloemfontein we have a Texas Burger, and I have to say it’s the best burger joint in bloem.